Go shopping with your girlfriends or family in Odense city or in one of our malls

Shopping in Odense

Go shopping with your girlfriends or family in Odense city or in one of our malls

Shopping in Odense



Odense is an ideal shopping city with many different shops – small ones as well as big ones. Odense offers a wealth of shops and thus it can be difficult to figure out where you should go whether you are looking for something old or new, something ordinary and cheap or exclusive and expensive.

Odense is a multitude of shopping possibilities. Kongensgade and Vestergade, which are situated in the city center and are the city’s pedestrian streets have the highest concentration of shops in Odense. Here you will find shops that offer the best in Danish as well as international clothes brands, beauty, interior design and much more.

Practical information you need for a shopping trip to Odense

Would you like to see where to park - and what is available, know where you can buy the city voucher and the opening hours of local shops - both in the city centre and in the big shopping malls, this is where to look.

Shopping in bad weather?

Try one of our big malls. If you choose the Rosengaardcentre (more than 160 shops under one roof), IKEA, Bilka and other big stores are right around the corner.

Are you looking for something special?

In this section you can see which shops we would hate to do without. Odense has a very respectable selection of retailers for design, furniture, antiques, fashion, shoes, accessories in all price ranges and lovely galleries with unique art.

Most of the year you can visit one of the weekly flea markets and all year round we have a bi-weekly produce market in the historic part of the city centre.

Find your fresh produce and exotic ingredients here

Funen (the island) is known as Denmark's garden and it is no coincidence that Odense offers a very large selection of food retailers and high quality restaurants. If you are looking for tasty bread, cakes, fresh local produce - ecological and traditional, spices or homemade ice cream, have a look at our suggestions.

Funen also offers lots of interesting little farm shops. Follow the link for a list.