Guided tours in Odense

Guideservice Fyn is run by VisitOdense and has a staff of app. 25 guides, which means we offer guided tours in many different languages, like Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese.

We always try to match you and your group with the right guide, because we think it really makes a difference for the end result.

We specialize in Fyn and Odense, but we do tours outside of Fyn as needed. We also arrange and plan stays for groups if needed.

How to book

See how to easily book a guide in Odense - also outside office hours. There are two ways to do it depending on which tour you want to book.

Many professional guides to choose from

Let our funen guides inspire you, they bring the stories to life. And that is absolutely true... The Funen Guide Service guides all over Fyn and the r...

Terms of payment

View terms of payment and other practical information regarding guide bookings with VisitOdense.

Guide Service Prices

Find the current rates for guided tours in Odense. Prices vary according to length and content.

Tour suggestions for groups

Sometimes you need some inspiration for the perfect tour for your group so here you have a list of the most popular themes. Our guides are great story...

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