Chase the colours of autumn in Odense

Autumn in Odense

Chase the colours of autumn in Odense

Autumn holiday in Odense

Autumn with chilly, crisp mornings and trees with golden leaves in Hans Christian Andersen's hometown - the perfect setting for a relaxing weekend away from home.

Do a weekend get-a-way in Odense and enjoy our parks in all their autumn splendor, visit the street food markets and the historic quarter, explore our attractions, take in a show or a concert and relax in our beautiful city.

Fredensgade in Odense. Photo: Johan Joensen
Hot cocoa and gløgg at Café Fleurí

Warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate

5 suggestions for where to go in Odense to find the perfect cup of cocoa - both the classic edition and the one with a small twist

Efterårsfarver langs Odense Å

Chasing the colours of Autumn

Find out where to find the most beautiful views of glowing autumn colours - and where to best go chestnut hunting

The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep

Find the Fairy Tale Sculptures

Odense is where Hans Christian Andersen was born and grew up - and it shows. Many of our sculptures, for instance, depict fairy tale characters or the poet himself.

Hans Christian Andersen original manuscript

Hans Christian Andersen Attractions

Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense and a visit here is an opportunity to really explore our favorite fairy tale writer in detail.

City History Museum

Historical Attractions

Odense's museums cover history right from the city was founded more than 1000 years ago to today. Explore our colourful local history and find out why monarchs should tread lightly here

Guests in the exhibition

Odense for Art Lovers

Galleries, museums, street art, sculptures - Odense has a bit of everything. Don't miss Brandts Art Gallery or the self-guided fairy tale sculpture walk around the city centre.

The H.C. Andersen Garden

Parks in Odense

Odense is affectionately known as the green capital of Funen because of all our lovely parks and the river, that winds its way through the city centre. 

Fish on Silo by ROA

Street Art in Odense

Find some of the more prominent examples of street art in Odense, among others two murals by the Belgian artist ROA depicting a fish and a bird in his very recognisable style

Amys bar Odense

Winebars we think you should taste

In the wake of the gastronomic evolution in Odense, winebars have opened up all over the city - and it looks like they are here to stay