Activities for children of all ages, visit our Zoo, The Danish Railwaymuseum, The Time Collection, Leo's Playland and more

Odense for children

Odense has a lot to offer for children and their families. Here are our favorites, along with some recommendations for you and your next visit to Odense. We have something for everybody and for all seasons. Have fun :)

Attractions for children

The attractions we think are suitable for children are not necessarily ONLY for children - but they have special offers for children. We like children and it can be seen in our range of activities that offer play and entertainment, learning and exploration, physical activity and pure fun.

When the sun is shining
It's almost a shame to be indoors. Then we recommend a visit to Odense Zoo, the Funen Village or maybe the Iron Age Village.

Best in the rain
If the weather is bad, there are still plenty of attractions to visit. For example, The Danish Railway Museum,The Time Collection and one of the indoor playgrounds.

The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep

Find the Fairy Tale Sculptures

Odense is where Hans Christian Andersen was born and grew up - and it shows. Many of our sculptures, for instance, depict fairy tale characters or the poet himself.

Free for children

Many attractions are free for children under 18 - If you send us a request we can send you a pdf with the prices and opening hours for the current week - but apart from that there are plenty of activities that don't cost a fortune.

Go for a walk in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen

Go for a walk in H.C. Andersen's Footsteps PDF

Follow this link for a detailed description of the self-guided tour around the city centre in Hans Christian Andersen's Footsteps.

Within an hour's drive

All of Fyn can be reached from Odense in one hour in a car. This means that the next activitiy is never far away, be it climbing a tree, a hike, a picnic on the lawn at Egeskov Castle or an afternoon with the porpoises at Fjord & Bælt marine biology center.

We recommend the following

Throughout the year

Some activities are only available at certain times of the year. Most of these take place in the summer, but a few during autumn and winter. Find out which activities are available when you visit us here.