Discover Odense in 24 hours

Visiting Odense for only one day? We have collected some of our favourite places and created a small guide for you, so you can have a cosy day in our city. No matter if you follow our guide or do your own thing, we do hope that you will have an amazing day in our city!  

The best way to start the day is grabbing some breakfast at one of the delicious bakeries in the city. In both Kongensgade and Vestergade you will find Brød – Danish bread Studio, a truly cosy bakery and their sweet cinnamon rolls and café latté is a delicious way to start the day. After breakfast find your way into Brandts Passage, one of the more historic areas of the city.

Cinnamon bun and coffee
Cinnamon bun and coffee. Photo:

Once this area was a textile mill and closed off to the public, but since the 1980’s the area has been the cultural mecca of Odense, with several different cultural and art institutions. Today you can still visit the museums Brandts and Tidens Samling or participate in several events and festivals during the year.  It is easy to spend time in the Brandts area with the many unique shops and delicious cafés and restaurants, but the tour continues.

If you really want to see the city and more of its highlights, using the fairy tale sculptures as pointers for how to walk around the city, is a great way to do it. On this tour you will walk past some of the in total 15 fairy tale sculptures. 

Our tour continues to another small area in the city centre, Vintapperstræde. Once this area was the back alley of an old wine shop and was transformed into a small shopping street with restaurants, shops and a theatre. In this area you will find lots of restaurants and cafes, so no matter if you long for an adventurous gourmet experience, a healthy sandwich or something in between, you will find it here. 

Vintapperstræde in Odense
Vintapperstræde in Odense. Photo: Johan Joensen

Continuing the tour in Odense, the pedestrian area is the ideal place for getting some shopping done. From the more unique shops to the bigger chains, you will find everything for the ideal shopping spree. Take a break in the historic cathedral and visit the skeleton of the last Danish Viking King in the crypt or go behind the cathedral to the fairy tale garden, with the beautiful flowers and some of the fairy tale statues.

From the fairy tale garden, you can follow the river to the historic part of town, starting with the washing site and the charming Paaskestræde. In this area the houses are colourful, the streets are cobblestones and the hollyhocks are blooming, this is the one area in Odense you cannot miss when visiting our city!

The washing site at the end of Paaskestraede
The Washing Site at the end of Paaskestræde. Photo: Visitodense

Going past the old charity school up to the statue of the Tin Solder, the café called Nelle’s is a great place to grab a cup of coffee before heading out and seeing the rest of the historic area. When in this area, make sure to go down Nedergade to the fun, crooked store Kramboden and walk around in the small area near the city museum Møntergården. This area is filled with old houses and lots of stories.

Find your way into the Hans Christian Andersen quarter, where once again the coloured houses and cobblestone streets will charm you. Find the small, yellow corner house and see where one of the world’s most famous fairy tale writers was born. Once this area was the slum, now it is one of the most unique and charming areas in the city, filled with true fairy tale feeling.

A couple taking a walk in the historic quarter
A couple taking a walk in the historic quarter. Photo: Visitodense

Perhaps it is time for dinner? Luckily there are plenty of possibilities in the city. You could stay in the charming historical area and eat at Under Lindetræet, a first-class restaurant just across from the writer’s house. The pedestrian area and the area around Ove Sprogøes Plads is filled with cafés and restaurants. 

But, if you want to see more of our city, then the harbour is the place to go for dinner. Head up to the Kings Garden and over the beautiful City’s Bridge, and the end you will find the rustic, but “hyggelige” Storms Pakhus Street Food Market. The old warehouse contains more than 20 small food trucks, serving everything from Danish open-faced sandwiches to Indian dishes, there will be something for everyone. If you prefer a more scenic setting for dinner, go to Byens Ø and eat at one of the two restaurants there, with a perfect view of the harbour. The harbour is one of the best places to watch the sunset in our city.

Article: Sofie Schäfler

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