Odense Cathedral as seen from the garden behind it

Enjoy Odense on a budget

Free and cheap things to do and see in Odense

Odense always offers many events - and many of them are free; the open air concerts in Kongens Have, the vegetable concerts and many of the festivals. It is also possible to visit several of our attractions free of charge.

Are you travelling with children?
Many attractions are free for children under 18 - If you send us a request we can send you a pdf with the prices and opening hours for the current week - but apart from that there are plenty of activities that don't cost a fortune.

City Buses
Free central city-ring buses that go every 10 mins along with a free harbour route. The bus routes overlap at the central station. Click this link to see the stops and timetable

City Bikes
There are free 24h rentable bikes from Cibi.dk stationed around the city (2 rentals pr. mobile), which are very popular so therefore check for location and availability in advance. Click this link for more information.

Live Hans Christian Andersen Parade
In the Fairytale Garden behind the Cathedral (Domkirken), 24 children’s fairytales are presented over a 24-min timeframe, performed by children. They perform for free, Monday - Saturday at 11 & 13. The show is cancelled if it's raining. (end of June-mid August)

The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep
The sculpture The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep. Photo: Kurt Christensen

The Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen
Explore the city’s historic and cultural heritage on your own two feet by following the footsteps around the city centre.

Fairy Tale Sculptures
Go hunting for the fairy tale sculptures and the artistic “graffiti” mural of Hans Christian Andersen.

Visit our churches
There are multiple churches in Odense city centre, which offer a specific character and influence from the past. Here are the top 3.
* The historically impressive Cathedral, Sankt Knud’s, home to the remains of Canute the Holy.
* The curious architecture of the Catholic Sankt Albani Church. A smaller, nearby church.
Sankt Hans Church, one of the only remaining Nordic churches with an outside facing pulpit.

Papas Papbar “Board Game Café”
At Papas, it is possible to play free games from one shelf or pay 25 kr pr. Person to gain access to multiple shelves of games for hours of entertainment!

Sunset at Stige Island
Sunset at Stige Island. Photo: D.B. Darcy

The island of Stige Ø
The peninsula, Stige Ø, offers outdoor fauna, bird watching, scenic hill views, mountain bike tracks, free overnight shelters, fire pits & much more.

Odense harbour area
This newly developed area offers plenty of free facilities such as an outdoor pool & sauna facility. There is also a volleyball and basketball court, as well as a small man-made beach and parkour/workout equipment.

Odense City Club
A rather old traditional pool & dart bar offers pool on weekdays for DKK 40 an hour or DKK 20 if you’re a student.


Restaurant Nordatlanten at Odense Harbour
Restaurant Nordatlanten at Odense Harbour.

Jens Galschiøt offers free entry to his studio. He mainly showcases thought-provocative sculptures (some of which are for sale). He also offers free coffee & tea and the artist is sometimes available for questions.

Brandts offers thematical exhibitions. Typically, entrance is DKK 90 for adults with children always being free. But on Thursdays, its free for everyone between 17-21.

Filosoffen is an architecturally interesting building offering free entrance to multiple cultural events and displays of different methods of artistic expression.

Gallerie Sandberg offers a multitude of sessions from in-house and out-house to private artist meeting or wine & art sessions. It’s possible to lease or buy the displayed art. When open, in-house entrance is free.

The Funen Printmaking Workshop houses changing art exhibitions, they also function as a graphical printing laboratory, the entrance is free.

Gallerie Rasmus offers works by both famous and upcoming artists, as well as local Danish and international artists. There is a focus on paintings, most works are for sale or lease, the entrance is free.

The Glassworks at Odense Harbour is a one of a kind glass blowing factory run by competent glass moulders. You are welcome to watch them in action, and it's also possible to purchase or order hand-made glass objects.

Kramboden museum shop is an old museum shop which offers antique and unique items for repair and sale. Perfect for the present seeker or antique collector.

The North Atlantic House provides an insight into the North Atlantic nations unique art and hand-made creations, some of which can be bought. They also boast a North Atlantic themed restaurant.

Article by D.B. Darcy

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