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What's on in Odense

Events all year round

There is always something going on in Odense. During summer especially with lots of festivals and entertainment, i.e. the Odense Flower Festival, the Odense International Film Festival, the Hans Christian Andersen Festivals and much more but also during the winter there are plenty of major events, like our historic Christmas Market.

On this page you can find links to events taking place right now but also to our calendar of important events during the year.

Children's ballet on City Hall Square

Don't miss big events in Odense

Calendar listing all the major annual music and cultural festivals. Find out what's on during your visit.

Fish on Silo by ROA

Street Art in Odense

Find some of the more prominent examples of street art in Odense, among others two murals by the Belgian artist ROA depicting a fish and a bird in his very recognisable style

Guests in the exhibition

Odense for Art Lovers

Galleries, museums, street art, sculptures - Odense has a bit of everything. Don't miss Brandts Art Gallery or the self-guided fairy tale sculpture walk around the city centre.