Frequently asked questions

Emergency Information

For serious injuries and when there is a need of an ambulance call 112 (for heart injuries, specify this). 

For all other non-serious injuries and illness, the hospitals injury ward & doctor on call are available for booking, call on 70 11 07 07.

Luggage storage

At Odense Central Train Station, you can find lockers for your luggage. There are two sizes to choose from and they cost 20 DKK and 40 DKK, per 24 hours respectively.

Money Exchange

Forex Exchange has an office at the train station where you can exchange money. It is also possible to visit a Danish bank, but not all banks will change currency for you if you don't have an account with them already.

Nearest public toilet

Public toilets in Odense are all over the city, and are typically grey/black booths, where some are free and others cost up to 5 DKK. Click this link to find the one nearest to you.

Nearest "All about Kids" facilities 

The shop 'All about Kids', hosts children facilities such as; rentable prams / stroller (20 DKK an hour), a baby lounge with space to breastfeed or heat up milk/food, a changing table, a puzzle play area with a slide.

Free transport options 

Aside from your own legs, there are two other options;

Free city center buses that go every 10 mins. Click this link to see the stops and timetable

There are also free 24h rentable bikes from stationed around the city. (2 rentals per mobile nr. - International mobile nr's need to be able to send texts in DK.) These city bikes are very popular, therefore check for location and availability in advance. Click this link for more information.

Rentable transport options

You can rent bicycles from; The Grand Hotel, Cabinn Hotel, Nørregade Cykler & the larger Fri Bikeshop by Rosengårdcenteret.

Car rentals are available through our website here.

Eco environmental zones in the largest Danish cities

For ALL buses & trucks/lorries, that want to enter the largest cities; Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aarhus, Odense & Aalborg. An environmental sticker is necessary to avoid a large fine. It is possible to buy the sticker and have it delivered within Europe, there is more information here. 

Taxi Service in Odense

Odense Taxa Syd: (+45) 66 15 44 15

Odense 4x27: (+45) 27 27 27 27

Odense Taxi: (+45) 66 12 27 12

Eat Danish Smørrebrød "Open Face Sandwhiches"

There are multiple restaurants with Smørrebrød on our own website, linked here for your convenience.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

There are multiple Vegeterian & Vegan restaurants listed here.

For a list of places in Odense that allows dogs, click here.

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