Nyd en eventyrlig sejltur på Odense Å

Fairy Tales on the River - a Magical Trip on the River Cruise

June 11, 2018

On board Aafarten's boats on the beautiful trip on the river, you can sail into Hans Christian Andersen's world and experience his famous and much loved fairy tales come alive. Hans Christian Andersen himself, in the form of actor Torben Iversen, tells excerpts from chosen fairy tales and anecdotes from the poet's life.

As you glide through the water, you will see fairy tale characters brought to life by the Hans Christian Andersen Parade, for example the swineherd kissing the princess and Little Claus throwing Big Claus of the bridge in a sack.

A modern twist is provided by an augmented reality app, developed for the trip. You can either download the app to your own tablet or ipad or rent one at Aafarten. It costs 40 kr. and requires photo identification.

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