Odense is an adventure for children and adults - and you can get a fairy tale figure to take home with you

Put fairy tales on the agenda and take your family to H.C. Andersen's Odense

Odense is an adventure for children and adults - and most attractions can be reached on foot. Follow in H.C. Andersen's footsteps and discover the city, which inspired our world-famous fairy tale writer. Find the fun photo backdrops down by the river that you can photograph each other in along the way. Together with the app "Adventure Hunt", the photos can become a very personal version of the adventure Clumsy Hans.
Start the adventure already now: Download or pick up the Adventure Map and the apps "H.C. Andersen Odense "and" The Adventure Hunt "right below and look forward to exciting experiences and attractions.

The two figurines that you can choose from this year
Visit three attractions and get your own tin soldier

Visit 3 attractions and get a figurine

Download or pick up a Fairy Tale map and bring it when you visit our attractions. In each attraction you will get a stamp and when you have 3 you can have a Tin Soldier or a Clumsy Hans to take home

Oplev H.C. Andersens Odense - kampagne

A preview of what you can look forward to

Watch our little movie and get inspiration for your own trip to Odense

Afspil den fine film om turen langs Odense Å

Take a tour of the Odense River

Watch the movie and experience a tour along the Odense River, a glimpse of Odense Zoo, an ice cream at the forest lake and a visit to the Funen Village.

H.C. Andersen begivenheder i Odense

Whats on in Hans Christian Andersen's Odense

Find out when the Hans Christian Andersen Parade and the Andersen Festival Plays have performances - and all the other events you should'nt miss