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Convent for noble Maidens in Odense
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we have collected some tour suggestions for you to use as inspiration when you consider a guide tour with VisitOdense. The suggestions can of course be combined and/or changed to fit your preferences. The links in red will lead you to more information.

The Hans Christian Andersen Museum
The museum is situated in the old part of town, with narrow cobbled streets and little crooked houses. The museum exhibits paper cuttings, drawings and many of Hans Christian Andersen's personal belongings. The beautiful memorial dome is a must see. 

In the Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen
A city walk through the old part of Odense, along the river and with a visit to the Cathedral. Hear some of the engaging anecdotes regarding our famous son's childhood in Odense.

Hans Christian Andersen at Children's Level (for children and their adults)
This tour is custom built for groups of children who would like to learn more about Hans Christian Andersen in a more approachable fashion. You never know what could happen! The tour focuses on children and storytelling/activities.

Recycled buildings
From Munke Mose we walk through the narrow winding streets where buildings tell the story of times passage. We end up in Brandts Clothing Mill and Rosenbaek Square - old industrial buildings that now form a cultural centre. 

Jernbanegade (Railway Street)
Jernbanegade was constructed as a sort of parisian boulevard past Odense Castle to the Railway Station. No travellers could doubt that Odense had ambition. Along this street are stately old buildings - still in use, though not always for their original purpose.

Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Castle and park is a pleasure for all ages. Visit the castle proper, where the guide can supply all the interesting gossip connected to i and go for a walk in the large, well maintained park.

The Funen Village
"Funen is Denmark's garden" goes a famous saying in Denmark. In the Funen Village we step into past times, when horses were used in the fields you brewed your own beer. Experience the funen village society and learn about living in the country in the 18th century.

Odense Cathedral (Saint Canute's Church)
The history of our Cathedral starts dramatically with the murder of King Canute the Holy. Join us in the crypts where his bones are exhibited in a shrine. Here are also the royal graves connected to Claus Berg's large altarpiece in the cathedral.

Guide tour of City Hall
City Hall lies right in the city's old centre "Flakhaven" and consists of an older and a newer part. See Yan's art work "Funen Spring", the city council room, the wedding room, the state rooms and the memorial wall.

Odense's Convents
At the end of medieval times there were close to 300 munks and priests in Odense. We take a walk around time between the old convents and hear about their individual importance they and the clergy have had in the city. 

Brandts Textile Mill
Brandts today is a cultural meeting place and at the same time the old buildings house a wealth of stories. Enjoy the beautiful old buildings and hear the story of way back when Brandts was one of the leading industries in the city.

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Hans Christian Andersen original manuscript

Hans Christian Andersen Attractions

Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense and a visit here is an opportunity to really explore our favorite fairy tale writer in detail.