Guided tour in the historic quarter

Guideservice in Odense - This is what we offer

Draw inspiration from the Fyn guides, who bring Odense and Fyn to life

And that’s quite true …
The Fyn guides organise guided tours of all parts of the fairytale island of Fyn, and all the islands that surround it.
We bring the great history of the island to life for everyone – in many languages.

We provide guided tours of museums and castles, churches, in the towns and out in the countryside.
Both tours on foot and tours in coaches are available.
We know where the hidden treasures are – and we are happy to show them off.
There are all kinds of opportunities, so the only limit is the imagination.

The Fyn guides have a remarkable store of information, and their enthusiasm makes these tours truly special.
The Fyn Guide Association has app. 35 members, and all are authorised and qualified tourist guides. Between them, they speak the following languages to a very high level:
Danish, English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Polish.
Thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of the sights, the history and the everyday life of Fyn, the guides help guests make the very most of their visits.

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Hans Christian Andersen original manuscript

Hans Christian Andersen Attractions

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