Weekend for two in romantic Odense

Join us for an adventure filled with romance and love in the fairy tale city of Odense, which lies in the heart of Denmark. Besides a rich cultural life, the beautiful city of Odense also offers a taste-packed experience with exciting restaurants on every corner. 

Couple out on a walk in the historic quarter

The Guardian newspaper has nominated Odense as one of the most liveable cities in Europe, but you don’t have to move to enjoy Denmark’s third largest city, you can book just a romantic weekend to stroll around the cozy cafés, old town houses and flowery gardens. 

Girls sitting at a café

Odense is named after the Nordic Asgard God, Odin. Odense was also home to one of the most famous fairy tale writers, Hans Christian Andersen, who gained inspiration for such fairytales as; Thumbelina, The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Ugly Duckling here. Visit the H.C. Andersen Museum and learn more about his life, or travel back in time to the 19th century on a guided tour in his painted-up footsteps throughout the city centre. 

Flowers and Sunsets

Flower decoration from the annual Flower Festival

However, Odense is more than just a romantic fairy tale city with roots in Denmark’s cultural heritage. For those who want to enjoy food and drink, the city has built an impressive cuisine range, such as; French, Italian, Japanese and Danish inspired restaurants in flourishing surroundings. 

The Odense Flower Festival takes place every year in week 33, turning the entire city into a colourful, green garden. After enjoying a romantic dinner, we suggest finishing the day with either a walk on the City’s Bridge or along the harbour promenade, where it is possible to experience a gorgeous sunset if the weather allows. 

If you want to experience the lush landscapes of Odense, it’s possible to book a romantic pedalo trip and finish up with a picnic in one of the city's parks. If you are looking for a little more excitement, a boat trip with Odense Aafart is perfect. They offer both jazz and fairy tales in the summer. Also, don’t forget to visit the delicatessen shop in Nørregade  “Det gode brød” (biodynamic bakery) to fill your picnic basket. 

Odense River Cruise

Odense is a real bicycle city, so if it becomes too much to walk or you’d prefer some free exercise, it’s possible to rent a free “Cibi” bicycle to discover more of the historical surroundings in Odense. When the newspaper “The Local” compiled a list over their favourite places in Denmark, Odense was on the top ten list. Amongst other things, they wrote that in addition to being a city of fairy tales, it also retained both its charm and character.

Don’t miss HCA Festivals!

Light show on the front of Odense City Hall

If you visit Odense in week 34, you have the opportunity to experience the Hans Christian Andersen Festivals. About 700 performances and exhibitions are organised during this week, as the entire city is bursting with movement and life. There will also be cultural activities for all ages, including concerts, lightshows and theatrical performances related to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale filled universe.

For more information: www.hcafestivals.dk

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