Hans Christian Andersen's Museum

NB This museum is closed while a new museum is built in its stead. In the meanwhile (from app. 20th January 2018) you can visit an exhibition in the former Carl Nielsen Museum, focusing on the artistic side of Andersen.

Mindehallen i H.C. Andersens Hus

Find a good restaurant in Odense

Good restaurants

In Odense we have a wide selection of interesting restaurants - classical and well established as well as untraditional and experimenting.

Smörrebröd - Danish Open Face Sandwiches

If you ask a Dane "What is Danish food to you?", chances are the answer is: Smörrebröd. Closely followed by fried pork with a white parsley sauce and roast pork with caramelized potatoes and fermented red cabbage, of course. Still, it can be difficult to find a lunch restaurant with a good selection of smörrebröd, but in Odense we have quite a few.

Best of Odense - the locals have spoken

In a competition in the local weekly newspaper people have voted for their favourite places in Odense - and who knows the city better than the locals?

Here is a selection of the winners.

The City's Bridge in 2015

The City's Bridge opens on 20th May 2015

After 14 months of intensive building, Odense's new bike and path bridge opens on May 29th. The bridge will make Odense even more attractive and accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists. Today Odense City centre is divided by a total of 15 railway tracks, but the path bridge connects the two parts. The ambitious design makes the bridge a new architectural landmark and it has already been named The City's Bridge.


Unique Specialty Shops

In Odense you'll also find many unique specialty shops.

Shop for Kids

Clothes and felt-tip pens, shoes and boots, toys and pacifiers. Shop for and with you kids in Odense, we have a broad selection of shop for children and adults.

Guide and group in front of city hall

How to book a guide

Booking a guide with us is easy. Click on the link to the form here and fill it out as best you can. In particular make sure the starting time and meeting place is correct, as well as your contact information.

Public pools in Odense

Odense has 5 public indoor pools. Click on a public pool on the list for further information and a direct link.

Fun activities

This is where you can find miniature golf courses, soccergolf, bowling alleys,  laser games, paintball, softball shooting, gokart tracks, padelsport and much more.

Traditional Danish Food

This page lists restaurants that primarily offer traditional Danish dishes like fried pork with parsley sauce, open face sandwiches, Danish omelette and meatballs.

Where to find the best treats

Freshly baked cakes, homemade Italian ice cream, handmade chocolates, wine and spirits and other delicacies.

Coffee Shops

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee whenever you need a break between shops or attractions.


Odense's nightlife has something to offer for everyone; wine and cocktail bars, clubs and pubs.

Good Bars and Pubs in Odense

In Odense you can find many pubs with a good selection of craft beer.

Funen produce

Organic and Funen produce

Find local produce, organic specialties, health food and biodynamic food retailers in Odense.