H.C. Andersens birth house in Hans Jensens Stræde

Michelin's recommendations in Odense

The Michelin Travel Guide, which is a global travel guide for the most recommendable sights, has awarded stars to seven attractions in Odense. This makes Odense the city outside Copenhagen with most recommendable sights.

Come experience the charming Hans Christian Andersen Quarter, the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Brandt's or one of the other recommended attractions.

Bøgetoppen in Odense ZOO

Odense welcomes the 11th WUKF European Karate Championship

Odense is proud to host the 11th WUKF European Karate Championship and hope you will enjoy your stay in our city. We have made some recommendations for you, which we think you will like.

Good luck in your competitions,

Top 10 events this summer

These are the 2019 summer events that you can't miss. Ed Sheeran will be stopping by, Miley Cyrus visits Tinderbox Music Festival and you can meet all the locals at some of the much loved annual events like the Odense Flower Festival and the HCA Arts and Culture Festival.
The events are sorted by date, starting in May and ending in August.

Tips for a perfect picnic in Odense

Because the winter and early spring is so dark in Denmark, as soon as the weather allows Danes will use every little moment of sunshine out doors, lounging on benches, sipping coffee at outdoor cafés and gathering in the local parks. And going on picnics, of course. We will do picnics for family fun, romantic dates and everything in between. 

Local hang-outs with of the charts hygge factor

This is where you will meet the locals when they go out with friends and family. If you haven't tried it yet we whole-heartedly recommend social dining where you share a table and a meal with strangers (well they won't be strangers for long) Another sure hit for families is to visit one of our street food markets where you can each order your own food preference and then eat together afterwards.

Fine Dining and Historic Charm

If fine dining and historic charm is what you like, you should definitely spend a couple of days in Odense. Over the last 4 - 5 years the restaurant scene has exploded with new and exciting restaurants. In addition, walking through the historic quarter will make you feel like you travelled back in time to the early 1800s with cobble stone streets and small, half-timbered houses all around you.

Sagaskulpturer i Odense

I H.C. Andersens hemstad Odense kan du se tecknen från hans sagor komma till liv överallt i staden; I parker och på gatorna möter du skulpturer av olika konstnärer, som alla har inspirerats av författarens berättelser.
Med kartan i din hand kan du gå på en trevlig promenad runt staden och uppleva sagan på egen hand.

H.C. Andersen Sevärdheter i Odense

Detta är en lista över Hans Christian Andersens relaterade sevärdheter i Odense. I listan nämns bland annat Hans Christian Andersens hus - hans födelseplats i Hans Jensens Stræde, hans barndomshem i Munkemølle St. men också stället ner vid floden, där hans mamma tvättade kläder för de mer välbärgade medborgarna av Odense.

I Hans Christian Andersens fotspår

Många av de byggnader och platser som var viktiga för Hans Christian Andersen i Odense finns fortfarande idag. Följ i vår berömda poetens fotspår - helt bokstavligen finns det fotspår längs vägen - och se de mest intressanta.

Ruten börjar vid huset, där han föddes i det som då var en av de fattigaste stadsdelarna i Odense. Idag mer än 200 år senare är det historiska kvarteret en mycket populär plats att bo och kanske den dyraste.

Sulle orme de Hans Christian Andersen

Molti degli edifici e dei luoghi che erano significativi per Hans Christian Andersen a Odense esistono ancora oggi. Segui le orme del nostro famoso poeta - letteralmente, ci sono impronte lungo tutto il percorso - e vedi le più interessanti.

Il percorso inizia a casa, dove è nato in quello che allora era uno dei quartieri più poveri di Odense. Oggi più di 200 anni dopo, il quartiere storico è un posto molto popolare da vivere e forse il più costoso.

Sculture Fiabesche

In tutta la città sorgono statue dei personaggi delle fiabe di H.C. Andersen, realizzate in diversi stili artistici. Potete anche trovare diverse sculture che rappresentano l’artista stesso. Abbiamo realizzato un percorso che ve le farà scoprire tutte. Il percorso è lungo circa 3,5 km.

Cafés in Gråbrødre Plads

5 alternative cafés in Odense

A café with board games, a café on a boat, a café that shows art films, Odense's without competition most styled café - AND a café named "bad taste". Here is something for everybody, in particular if you are looking for something extraordinary :)

Familie på cykeltur

Bike Friends in Odense

What is a Bike Friend?

A Bike Friend is a place, that offers basic amenities for cyclists like:

H.C. Andersens Museum - interiør

5-in-1-ticket for the Hans Christian Andersen Attractions

With the 5-in-1-ticket you can visit: 

Fun Facts about Odense

* Out of the 195 officially recognised countries in the world; 164 different nationalities have chosen to make Odense their home.

* Odense offers over 250 playgrounds, which means per every 804 inhabitants, there is at least 1 playground. (201,000 population pr. 01/10/16)  

Weekend for two in romantic Odense

Join us for an adventure filled with romance and love in the fairy tale city of Odense, which lies in the heart of Denmark. Besides a rich cultural life, the beautiful city of Odense also offers a taste-packed experience with exciting restaurants on every corner. 

Discover Odense in 24 hours

Visiting Odense for only one day? We have collected some of our favourite places and created a small guide for you, so you can have a cosy day in our city. No matter if you follow our guide or do your own thing, we do hope that you will have an amazing day in our city!