Cafés in Gråbrødre Plads

5 alternative cafés in Odense

A café with board games, a café on a boat, a café that shows art films, Odense's without competition most styled café - AND a café named "bad taste". Here is something for everybody, in particular if you are looking for something extraordinary :)

Familie på cykeltur

Bike Friends in Odense

What is a Bike Friend?

A Bike Friend is a place, that offers basic amenities for cyclists like:

H.C. Andersens Museum - interiør


With the 5-in-1-ticket you can visit: 

Fun Facts about Odense

* Out of the 195 officially recognised countries in the world; 164 different nationalities have chosen to make Odense their home.

* Odense offers over 250 playgrounds, which means per every 804 inhabitants, there is at least 1 playground. (201,000 population pr. 01/10/16)  

Weekend for two in romantic Odense

Join us for an adventure filled with romance and love in the fairy tale city of Odense, which lies in the heart of Denmark. Besides a rich cultural life, the beautiful city of Odense also offers a taste-packed experience with exciting restaurants on every corner. 

Discover Odense in 24 hours

Visiting Odense for only one day? We have collected some of our favourite places and created a small guide for you, so you can have a cosy day in our city. No matter if you follow our guide or do your own thing, we do hope that you will have an amazing day in our city!  

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Odense flourishes as never before, also if you are a vegetarian or a vegan. Recently, two vegan cafés have opened, Venchi and Kosmos, and there is a good selection at the two street food markets, Arkaden and Storms Pakhus. In addition, there are several restaurants that have both vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu.

Odense Cathedral as seen from the garden behind it

Enjoy Odense on a budget

Free and cheap things to do and see in Odense

Odense always offers many events - and many of them are free; the open air concerts in Kongens Have, the vegetable concerts and many of the festivals. It is also possible to visit several of our attractions free of charge.

10 restaurants, you should try

Odense's restaurant scene is developing rapidly and new restaurants are popping up everywhere. Here's our bid for 10 places we think you should try - the list of course contains the four restaurants that Whiteguide has selected, but you will also find plenty of local high-quality pearls that invite you to go on a gastronomic treasure hunt.

Raids, religion and regicide

– the story of the last Danish Viking king is quite the tale

City Museum Møntergaarden

A Brief History of Odense

Odense is more than 1000 years old, and the city oozes both ancient and modern history.

The city’s name originates from the Old Norse ‘Odins vi’ (Wotan’s shrine) which has morphed into ‘Odense’. Already back then it had a central and strategic location between the mainland and main island Zealand, and also housed a Viking fortress built in the 980s, ‘Nonnebakken’.

Sign in Hans Jensens Stræde

Odense's Quarters

Odense has several distinct quarters to explore. Lets start in the original part of the city, in the Old Town quarter. This is where Hans Christian Andersen, Oluf Bager and several other prominent citizens promenaded about a long time ago.

Cucumber salad

Which restaurants are open for lunch?

Not all restaurants are open for lunch, but we have done some research for you. Whether you're up for a quick sandwich, a big steak or a five-course menu, there's something for you here.

Sculpture - The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep

Hans Christian Andersen for Children

Hans Christian Andersen is perhaps the world's best known author of fairy tales and children's stories. He himself loved children and read to them or entertained them with his paper art. If you are visiting our city with children and want to explore the more easily accessible Hans Christian Andersen attractions, we have gathered a list for you. 

If you visit during the summer, we also recommend that you look for the many fairy tale and Hans Christian Andersen themed events.

Café Gertrud on Ove Sprogøes Plads

Going out in Odense

Bars and Pubs
Are you headed for craft beers, great wine or cocktails perhaps? Take a look at our curated lists and see if something matches your tastes. Microbreweries are popping up all over Fyn and in Odense and you can taste their delicious products in many of the local bars. If you are looking for a place with a bit of everything, try Storm's Pakhus where they offer a wine bar, a gin bar, a cocktail bar and a speciality beer bar under one roof.

Art in Odense

Gallery By art
Gallery By Art

Odense has a rich and varied cultural life and this includes lots of galleries, exhibitions, etc. most of which are conveniently located in the city centre. We recommend that you start with the main gallery / art exhibition Brandts and work your way down our list. 

Lazy lion cub at the Zoo

Spend a day outdoors with lions and lemurs

Do you need a good idea for a place to take your family that will keep everybody engaged? AND have the option to go indoors if the weather does'nt cooperate? Then you need to visit Odense ZOO. The park covers a large area and can easily take up a whole day to explore, and it has lots of nice cafés, playgrounds and other activities.

From Animal Park to Zoological Gardens