Sagaskulpturer i Odense

I H.C. Andersens hemstad Odense kan du se tecknen från hans sagor komma till liv överallt i staden; I parker och på gatorna möter du skulpturer av olika konstnärer, som alla har inspirerats av författarens berättelser.
Med kartan i din hand kan du gå på en trevlig promenad runt staden och uppleva sagan på egen hand.

Sculture Fiabesche

In tutta la città sorgono statue dei personaggi delle fiabe di H.C. Andersen, realizzate in diversi stili artistici. Potete anche trovare diverse sculture che rappresentano l’artista stesso. Abbiamo realizzato un percorso che ve le farà scoprire tutte. Il percorso è lungo circa 3,5 km.

Art in Odense

Gallery By art
Gallery By Art

Odense has a rich and varied cultural life and this includes lots of galleries, exhibitions, etc. most of which are conveniently located in the city centre. We recommend that you start with the main gallery / art exhibition Brandts and work your way down our list. 

Museum for Art and Visual Culture


The company Brandts Cloth Mill

The company Brandts began in the 1740s as a small dye workshop in the buildings in Vestergade, where Café Cuckoo's Nest is located. Over the next hundred years, the plant grew and spread over the area known as Brandts Passage. In 1869 the clothing factory was established, and for the next hundred years is was one of Odense's largest workplaces.

Fairy Tale Sculptures in Odense

In Hans Christian Andersen's hometown Odense you can see the characters from his fairy tales come to life everywhere in the city; in parks and on the streets you meet sculptures by various artists, all of which have been inspired by the author's stories.
With the map in your hand, you can go on a pleasant stroll around the city and experience the fairy tale on your own.