10 restaurants, you should try

Odense's restaurant scene is developing rapidly and new restaurants are popping up everywhere. Here's our bid for 10 places we think you should try - the list of course contains the four restaurants that Whiteguide has selected, but you will also find plenty of local high-quality pearls that invite you to go on a gastronomic treasure hunt.

Cucumber salad

Which restaurants are open for lunch?

Not all restaurants are open for lunch, but we have done some research for you. Whether you're up for a quick sandwich, a big steak or a five-course menu, there's something for you here.

Delicious street food in Odense

Odense recently got two new attractions as first Storm's Pakhus near the harbour and then Arkaden Food Market in the city centre opened. Each street food market has its own unique style, so visit them both and decide which one is for you. In the city centre it is also possible to try the traditional Danish street food style - a mobile sausage stand (Pølsevogn).

Smørrebrød - Danish Open Face Sandwiches

If you ask a Dane "What is Danish food to you?", chances are the answer is: Smørrebrød. Closely followed by fried pork with a white parsley sauce and roast pork with caramelized potatoes and pickled red cabbage, of course. Still, it can be difficult to find a lunch restaurant with a good selection of smørrebrød, but in Odense we have quite a few.

Traditional Danish Food

This page lists restaurants that primarily offer traditional Danish dishes like fried pork with parsley sauce, open face sandwiches, Danish omelette and meatballs.

Where to find your sweet treat

Freshly baked cakes, homemade Italian ice cream, handmade chocolates, wine and spirits and other delicacies.

Coffee Shops

The only thing that beats a good cup of coffee - is a great cup of coffee. Odense has several good coffee shops that all sport their own individual charm. Some have gone the pastry way and serve delicious little treats to go with your coffee - others have expanded into quality wine, others again have added tea to their repertoire.

Cheese and grapes on cutting board

Delicatessen and specialities

Are you preparing for a picnic or do you just have a sudden craving for something special? Or maybe you need a special gift to take home? In Odense you'll find a wide selection of delis and speciality shops to suit every need. Have a look at this list of shops in Odense, all with their own characteristic speciality.