Chasing the colours of Autumn

The warmth of summer is slowly vanishing, as are the hours of sunshine each day. The trees are also exhibiting changes, it’s clear from the various shades of orange, yellow, magenta, red and brown. It is also evident from the amount of falling leaves. This article aims to guide you towards experiencing the best Autumn has to offer in Odense.

træer med efterårsfarver i Odense

The best place to see the colours of Autumn is throughout the vast amounts of parks within Odense. To mention a few of our favourites; 
Munke Mose Park
The Hans Christian Andersen Garden
Botanical Garden
Kongens Have
Åløkke Forest


Shining Chestnuts

The northern climate is a natural habitat for the Chestnut tree, therefore Odense is the perfect breeding ground for the tree and the gorgeous nut. It is considered Danish cosiness (Hygge), to collect the non-edible chestnuts (or horse chestnut) that can be crafted into small animals or similar decorations. Horse chestnuts have spikey shells and aren’t edible, whereas edible chestnuts are slightly fuzzy with two shades of brown. Sometimes you can be lucky to find the edible chestnuts among other chestnut trees in Odense, but they are a minority.

Chestnuts naturally fall from the tree once they are ripe, this is typically from around mid-September until mid-October. One of the most beautiful routes for collecting chestnuts is along the Munke Mose river. Other equally beautiful places are at Ansgar Anlæg, following the Søndre Boulevard road and at the end of Påskestræde by Odense’s river where H.C. Andersen’s mother washed clothes.

Article: D.B. Darcy

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