Guide Birgitte og gruppe i Den Gamle Bydel

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Photo: Johan Joensen

A hotel accommodation for a conference guest, a night in a B&B with personal charm, budget-friendly accommodation right in the center, a tent site, a family room? Or perhaps a day ticket for the Andersen museums or a guided tour with one of the local experts? 


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From a classic city walk to a Ghostwalk. From Hans Christian Andersen to architecture in the city center. Odense has a lot to offer, and here we have gathered this year's many fantastic guided tours. Take a look and find your favorite.

5-in-one ticket for Hans Christian Andersen

Explore Hans Christian Andersen's life and contemporary society at the Odense museums and attractions. One ticket gives access to 5 museums. The museums are very different and each touch on a different aspect of a very complicated personality.

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