Mark your calendars for Magic Days Festival 2019!

Photo: Erling C. Hollmann

Magic Days is back with another fun and unforgettable experience for all. Explore the magic of Odense from October 17th–19th as the city transforms into an eerie and enchanted atmosphere. The three-day festival celebrates many different magical universes with exciting activities for all.

A few highlights for this year’s festival:

Dates: October 17th-19th 2019

Thursday October 17th:

  • Long-table dinner and movie premier of Malefiscent 2 starts at 18:00 at Storms Warehouse. Join this event for an unforgettable night of magical food and a premier of Maleficent 2 at Odense’s street-food market.
  • The ZOOlomagisk Cruise is a cruise along Odense river for kids. During the cruise, kids hear exciting stories along the way to Odense Zoo.

Friday October 18th:

  • Magical Film Workshop from 10:00 to 17:00. Visit Odense’s Magical Film Workshop on Pantheonsgade. Learn how magic is made in fantasy, adventure and sci-fi movies through this special film workshop.
  • Magic Feast at First Hotel Grand 18:00 to 21:00. Join the feast at First Hotel Grand for a unique magical dinner experience. A special menu of earwax, owl pellets, and trolls will be served among other dishes. Throughout the night, Nordic ballads and music from medieval Europe will fill the halls of the hotel.
  • Winter is coming from 19:00 to 21:15. This special beer tasting includes a night with Sansa Stark, lectures and musical entertainment at Odense’s Food and Beer Lab Anarchist.

    Saturday October 19th:

    • Wizard Stories from 12:00 to 15:31. Visit Abbey Church to hear exciting tales of dragons and many other magical creatures.
    • Eventyrhaven (Fairytale garden) from 10:00 to 17:00. In Odense’s fairytale garden you can experience mini-quidditch, a broom workshop and see owls up close.
    • Merlin’s Magic Trip consists of two concerts by Odense’s Symphony Orchestra at Odense Concert Hall. On Saturday there will be two concerts one starting at 15.01 and one at 17:01. The concert lasts for about an hour.

    There are many more events to enjoy at Magic Days. We have only mentioned a few. To see the rest of this year’s program, visit Magic Days’ official website: or check out their Facebook page Magiske Dage Odense.

    Festival tips from the locals:

    1. There is no entrance fee to the festival, but some activities require tickets. Buy your tickets online ahead of time as events will sell out quickly.
    2. Don’t be afraid to go all out for Magic Days. Join the locals and dress up as your favorite magical character.
    3. Some activities require you to pay in the festival currency of Odinarer. You can purchase Odinarer in Fafner Bank which can be found at Historiens Hus, Sortebrødre Torv, The Woodturning Workshop - Vestergade 20 and Kulturmaskinen.
    4. Events are spread throughout the city. Read the description of each event carefully on Magic Days official website.
    5. The festival has events for everyone so bring your friends and family along for the magic!

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