Alexander Park at Valdemars Slot

Time flies when visiting Denmark’s greatest and most comprehensive Manor House Museum. Spend a day or two on the romantic and peaceful island Taasinge south of Funen. Fantastic experiences for the whole family are waiting with four museums.

Even the Manor House with more than 21 lavishly furnished rooms and chambers, packed with historical antiques and objects from the time of Admiral Niels Juel. You can also see the extensive castle kitchen filled with copper utensils . The greatest collection of trophies and ethnography in Scandinavia gathered on two attics in the Manor house.

Set in delightful parkland by the shore and water’s edge, the castle offers excellent scope for walks.

Enjoy a lunch or an excellent dinner in one of the two restaurants of the Castle or stay for a week or more in one of the Castle beautitul apartments, which is situated in the Northern and Southern gatehouses. For more information about the gatehouses please go to "Culinary experiences and accommodations".

Get married in the Chapel – a more romantic church is hardly found and celebrate afterwards in the restaurant