Arkaden Food Hall

Arkaden Street Food - international food mecca in Odense city

The market contains 10 food stalls serving food from the all over the world, including from India, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Denmark and the United States. You can enjoy "share foods", snacks, vegetarian, vegan, desserts, burger, french fries, pita, bao, spring rolls, steak sandwich, rib sandwich and more. The food is always authentic with good ingredients prepared by passionate cooks and chefs. There is of course a "feeling full" guarantee!

If you are more into TO GO, you can order the food as take away and go on a picnic.

In addition to the food stalls, you can shop in the delicatessen, where you can taste mead brewed on recipes from the Middle Ages and shop Funen delicacies and art from the Middle Ages.

Arkaden is always ready with a surprise or two with new pop-up stalls, events, offers and activities.

On the 1st floor you will find Carl's Corner, the in-house sports bar where you can watch football, both super league and UEFA Champions League. On the ground floor you will find Fyn's longest bar, the 12-meter bar, where you can enjoy good wine from H.J. Hansen, ice-cold draft beer from Carlsberg, specialty beers, drinks, cocktails, coffee and of course a wealth of drinks without alcohol.

The arcade has 450 indoor seats spread over 2 floors in green and cozy oases. Outdoors, the Arcade has created a small green oasis with 30 seats, where the sun warms you from morning to evening.

All children are welcome. The children's corner on the ground floor motivates all children to play, play and have fun. In the fall of 2020, we will open up a game room for the slightly older children, with Playstations and other activities.