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The Bell

THE BELL is a fascinating dance performance, an explosion of classical ballet and modern dance with a powerful call to all of us to find our own path in life, a path that makes sense. 

The Royal Theatre Ballet School Odense interprets the fairy tale of the bell in December, when the annual Christmas performance glides across the stage in the beautiful Town Hall at Odense City Hall. Through joint text work, creative processes and choreographic interpretation, students from 0. kl. to 4.g have collaborated with school staff to create a new tale of the bell.

IN H.C. Andersen's fairy tale The Bell, two confirmands - one rich and one poor - find the divine bell because they listen, struggle, persevere and are curious. Just as we all must be at all times.

In the Royal Theatre Ballet School of Odense's interpretation, we ask the question: What is the bell for us today...? How does each of our individual bells ring, the one that will bring us insight, clarification, love, meaning and peace? And in a life and an everyday life that is filled with much noise and many sounds to pursue and be seduced by, how can we best succeed in creating so much peace in life that we can hear our own bell? 

The performance invites us to stop, listen and find the way to the Bell.

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