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Craftværk - an artist collective

CraftVærk - Odense's new collective for crafts & design

Odense has a new collective for crafts & design. It is called CraftVærk, is located at Havnegade 13 and here you can see, experience and buy crafts and design. Odense Harbour is worth a visit in itself, and you shouldn't miss a good walk around the area.

CraftVærk is home to several different artisans who share a shop and workshops. Here you can explore and see the workshops and let your senses be bombarded by all kinds of colours, shapes and materials. In the middle of CraftVærk is a large glass studio, where both glass artist Marie Retpen and Odense Glasværk produce their wares. The workshop is open, so you can walk in from the street and watch glass being created, up close.

Marie Retpen makes both art projects and products that are sold all over the world and is the first to move into CraftVærk together with Odense Glasværk.

You'll also find jewellery designer Stine Witt, who has Kuriosum, a sustainable jewellery brand. Here all materials are recycled, be it old butter boards, serving trays and silver from urban mining. Stine makes the series Ode to Odense, which are small sections of maps of Odense made from recycled silver spoons. Finally, you'll also find Ann Kopp's long-lasting paper flowers made from crepe paper and hand-painted coffee filters.

Odense Glasværk has been located at Havnegade 13 for over 6 years and stands on the shoulders of Odense's proud history and tradition of glass production, while also being a social economy enterprise. We have plenty of space and want to be part of something bigger, so we have established CraftVærk - a collective for craft & design. This way there is more variety for you to see and experience and more inspiring colleagues for us to share workspace with.

We're open all summer, so come down and see glass being created and lose yourself in the shop.

Free customer parking is available.