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DON QUIJOTE - (loosely) based on Cervantes

For the 11th summer in a row you can get a unique and alternative theatre experience at the popular and critically acclaimed Teatret Slotsgården, when we present: MISANTROPIA - an ultra-free adaptation of Molière's Misanthrope. Experience imaginative, surprising and popular summer theatre in Slotsgården at Odense Castle.

Don Quixote

Look forward to Teatret Slotsgårdens' completely crazy new interpretation and reinterpretation of Miguel de Cervantes' masterpiece Don Quixote, summer 2023.

Teatret Slotsgården will be reinterpreting Miguel de Cervantes' brick of a novel from 1605. Rustle up, saddle up, fire up your inner knight and ride with dignity towards Odense Castle for sparkling theatre about faith, hope, idealism and love - ideally on horse back.

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