The Elfmound Scenography at The Tinderbox

Many of today's popular stories are full of magic and wonderful creatures: magicians, dangerous dragons, alves, wolves, talking animals and trolls. Many of these come from inspiration from ancient folk tales and superstitions, myths and tales.

Also H.C. Andersen was very inspired by the folklore of the time when he wrote his fairy tales. This is especially seen in the fairytale of Elverhøj. The children's culture house The Tinderbox has chosen to focus on this barely known fairy tale in this exhibition, which opens in May 2018. The exhibition is built in the beautiful old Nyborg barn at Møntergården. The exhibition will contain the well-known elements such as scenographies for play, theater, dressing up and story telling and show the clear connection between contemporary culture and the past.

Nyborgladen becomes the Children's Culture House's home from 2018 until the New H.C. Andersens Hus opens in 2020.