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Ice Cream Bolbro

Where to find us
Ishuset Bolbro is centrally located in Bolbro, a few meters from the light rail stop "Bolbro" and only 2 km from Odense city centre. The ice cream shop in Odense V has a complete concept, where the children are in focus. Among other things, there are ice cream dispensers at child height, stools so that they can see the ice cream and a colourful shop. In addition, there is a playground right in front of the ice cream shop, which allows the adults to have a good cup of barista coffee in the garden furniture while the little ones play.

Bolbro ice cream house near Odense offers delicious tasty ice cream from Kastbergs, a gourmet ice cream of the highest quality. The ice cream is made from Danish ingredients and therefore contains a wide range of flavours, all of which taste great in an old-fashioned ice cream cone. The ice cream can also be enjoyed in a blended milkshake with customers' favourite flavours. The ice cream house also offers different ice cream variants that are vegan and lactose-free.

More than an ice cream parlour
The Bolbro ice cream parlour also offers many other delights. You can relieve your hunger with toast or a croissant, and they serve several different kinds of soft ice cream and slush ice. Of course, the coffee is not to be forgotten. It is supplied by the Funen supplier, Holy Bean, who emphasises quality, pure ingredients and taste.

All products are available to go - so you can take them with you when exploring Bolbro's lovely areas and nature. Parking is possible both in front of Middelfartvej or behind Føtex.

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