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Kims Shoppen - Snack Outlet

In the middle of Odense is Denmark's only crisps shop. It's not even just a crisps shop. The shop is full of crisps, snacks, nuts, dips, chocolate, marzipan and liquorice. The prices are good too, because it's not just a shop, but an outlet. The outlet sells a wide range of KiM products, but focuses mainly on short-life items. KiMs calls the concept "avoid snack waste".

KiMs stops food waste

The pop-up shop (which is permanent as long as there is a demand) aims to stop the waste of snacks, and therefore focuses on selling goods that would otherwise be destroyed. These would be items that are, for example, approaching their 'best before' date, or that are packaged in discontinued packaging and therefore no longer saleable in the grocery store. This avoids both snack and packaging waste. The products and offers in the shop therefore also vary continuously according to what KiMs has in stock.

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