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In the Shadows - The first female photographers

The title of the special exhibition refers to the fact that the female photographers literally worked in the shadow - in the shadow behind the camera, in the shadow of their male colleagues and sometimes also in the shadow of their husbands, whose name they sometimes had to assume for exhibits.

"With this exhibition, the female photographers step out of this shadow for the first time as a group and take their rightful place in national photography history", explains the exhibition's organizer, Chief Inspector Hanne Schaumburg Sørensen, Museum East Jutland. "The exhibition shows the scope with which the first female photographers worked; staged, documentary, aesthetic and technical".

The women travelled
The exhibition documents how women led the way in early Danish, Icelandic and Faroese photography. It also shows that the female photographers worked under extremely varied commercial and practical conditions - not only in Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands but also in America and the Danish West Indies.