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Silo Market - A sustainable and package free grocery store

The Silo Market is unlike a typical grocery store, as it is a sustainable grocery store that is packaging free!

Here it is possible to fill your own jars or buy reusable and returnable jars for any of the items you buy. There are also no plastic bags of any kind, you can either bring your own or buy reusable and bio-degradable nets, as well as bags, to carry your items home.

Transactions and prices are weight-based, and most of the items for sale are dried and stored in silos. All products are also either organic, vegan or otherwise sustainable and as locally sourced as possible.

It is further possible to buy a membership to gain a 10% discount on everything for a year or to buy a gift card made from 100% recycled paper for someone special.

If you'd like to learn more about this concept, read some zero-waste tips, or see a list of products that can be bought in the store, visit their website!