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Summer Exhibition - Bring out the bikes

Summer exhibition 

Every year, Historiens Hus (the History House) presents a summer exhibition that delves into the history of Odense based on a contemporary theme.

In 2022 the Tour de France passes through Denmark, and naturally this year's summer exhibition is about the history of cycling in Odense. The exhibition presents the early arrival of bicycles in the city, first in the form of the clumsy tippy-toe, which fascinated the townspeople, and then the slightly safer bikes with chain drives and two equal-sized wheels.
Read about cycling schools, the rise of cycling and the first woman to ride a bike in Odense. You can also learn about one of the first sports stars, Thorvald Ellegaard, who gave the other cyclists a run for their money on the bike track in Fruens Bøge.  

The exhibition also delves into some of the many cultural changes that helped shape Odenseans' cycling behaviour, like the fuel shortages of WWII and the new health ideals of the 1970s.
Visit the summer exhibition at Historiens Hus, Klosterbakken 2 Odense C, and learn more about the history of cycling in Odense. It is open until 29 September 2022 during the opening hours of the reading room, with the exception of weeks 28 and 29, when it is closed for the holidays. Admission is free. 

Opening hours: 

 Access for the disabled is unfortunately limited as there are stairs to the entrance of the building and to the exhibition on the first floor.

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