Vera's Vintage in Pogestræde

Veras is a sustainable and circular recycling and exchange clothing concept founded in 2015 by Rebecca Vera Stahnke. Veras has created its own circular ecosystem that combines fashion and sustainability to stop clothing waste. You can use Veras in 3 different ways: 1. Exhange your clothes for new 2. Buy all of our second hand clothing handed in by others for DKK 3. Sell you clothes with a stall at Veras Market in Storms Pakhus.

At Veras you earn points by delivering your unwanted clothes. Users switches clothes to points from a fixed system – and can then can buy new, used items for the points. You will get ⅓ of Veras' selling price of your item paid in points. If you hand in a dress, they can sell for 300 DKK, you will get 100 points on your account – to use now, or later. That’s equal to 100 DKK to spend in Veras on new goodies!