Autumn Break at the City Museums

Photo: Odense Bys Museer

11 tips for childrens activities during the autumn break (week 42). Look forward to the autumn break when Odense City Museum's offer 9 days of activities for the entire family.

Potato vacation with fun activities
The Funen Village is planning an active potato holiday as in the old days when the whole family has to bake cardamom cakes, cut beet lanterns, cast candles, create fine lace and dig up potatoes from the ground. The pig has to be slaughtered, and it has to be examined what you can get from one pig: ham, sirloin, pork chops and lots of pork that the cooks can turn into winter dishes. The kitchen buzzes with activity as they make patés, sausages and jams. Come and enjoy 19th century activities from 13 to 19 October between 11-15.
The Funen Village

The Tinderbox sparkles with adventure and magic
The children's cultural house The Tinderbox fires up your imagination with play and the stories in the Elfmound scenography. Give the kids - and yourself - an adventurous autumn vacation with hours of activities for a great family experience. Here are vivid tales with a fairytale theme, creative and imaginative workshops and Magic Days with the Troll King's gold. Available from October 12 to 20 between 10-16.
The Tinderbox

Bookbinding Art in the Children's Backyard
In the old days, it was considered fancy to bind books in marbled paper. You can try different parts of the fine bookbinding art in the Children's Backyard, where we work with marbling on paper, make our own notebooks and beautiful illustrations with linoleum prints. Available from October 14 to 17 between 11-15
Children's Backyard

Retrogaming at the Histotoriet
Blip, bop and pling-pling. Try Commodore 64, NES and many other legendary computer games from the 1980s and chat with the other guests about computer games over time. Throw yourself on the keys on October 12 and 13 between 11-15.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum with the Parade
Enjoy a guided tour in which fairytale characters come alive, and "H.C. Andersen" presents one exciting story after another. Available on 12 and 20 October from 13 to 13.45.
Hans Christian Andersen Museum