Holiday opening hours 2019 - Restaurants

Photo: Café Odeon Social

Traditionally, many restaurants will close for the holidays and getting a table can be difficult over Christmas. We have done the research for you and put together a list of restaurants and their holiday opening hours.

1.    Storms Pakhus
-    Closed 23-25th 
-    Open 26th-29th (Normal Hours) 
-    Closed again 30th- January 9th 

2.    Dalle Valle Odense
-    Open 20th, 22, 23, 26-30 normal hours Mon-Thurs 10am-10pm and Friday to Sat 10am-midnight, Sunday 10am-10pm
-    Open Dec 21st 10am-4pm, open Dec 31st 10am-4pm
-    Closed Dec 24th- 25th and January 1st 

3.    Klosterkroen-Den Muntre Munk
-    Open Dec 20 & 21st, Dec 26th-29th  Normal hours 
-    Closed Dec 22nd- 25th, 30th-Jan 9th 

4.    Restaurant Cro’n- traditional Danish food 
-    Open Dec 20-21st normal hours (5pm-midnight) 
-    Closed Dec 22nd-Jan 1st 

5.    Kong Volmer 
-    Open Dec 20th-Dec 24th 11am-4pm
-    Closed Christmas- New Years 

6.    Restaurant Grønttorvet
-    Open Dec 23rd at 11am- 4pm
-    Open 20th- 22nd from 11am-11pm, 27th & 28th normal hours (27th from 11am-midnight and 28th from 10am-midnight)
-    Think they’re closed from 28th- January 2nd (they haven’t finalized it yet)

7.    Restaurant Oluf Bagers Gaard
-    Open 20th and 21st (normal hours so 5:30pm-10:30pm)
-    Closed the rest 

8.    Den Grimme Aelling
-    Open all of December (normal hours) Monday- Sunday from 12pm-4pm and 5pm-10pm
-    Closed January 1st-12th 

9.    I Pupi Siciliani 
-    Open Dec 20th
-    Closed the rest 

10.    No 61
-    Open Dec 21st from 5:30pm-10pm
-    Closed the rest 

11.    Restaurant Sortebro Kro
-    Open Dec 20th-22nd (Dec 20 and 21st from 12pm-10pm and 22nd from 12-3pm)
-    Closed the rest 

12.    Restaurant Aro
-    Closed

13.    Soup Stone Cafe
-    Open 20th-21st & 27th, 28th- Jan 1st (Mon-Friday 8:39am-10:30pm and Sat from 10am-4pm)
-    Closed 23-24, 25, 26

14.    Eydes Gastro Pub
-    Open Dec 20th-December 22nd normal hours
-    Open Dec 23, 25, 26, 30 from 9am-11pm
-    Open Dec 27 9am-1:00pm
-    Open Dec 28 8:30am-1pm
-    Open Dec 29th 8:30am-11pm
-    Open Dec 31st 9am-3pm
-    Closed Dec 24th & Jan 1st 

15.    Den Gamle kro
-    Closed 24th and 25th and Jan 1st 
-    Open Dec 26-31st (Normal hours) 

16.    Burger Anarchy
-    Open Dec 20-23rd, and 27-30th and January 1st (Normal Hours)
-    Closed Dec 24-26th & Dec 31st 

17.    Restaurant Goma
-    Closed Dec 24th-26th & Jan 1st 
-    Open Dec 31st for pick-up of pre-ordered take away from 12:00-2pm
-    Normal hours Dec 20-23rd and then 27th-30th 

18.    Restaurant Carlslund
-    Open Dec 20th and Dec 21st (Dec 20th and 21st from 11am-10pm)
-    Closed the rest 

19.    Restaurant Nordatlanten
-    Open 20- 22nd 11:30am until 11pm
-    Opening hours Dec 28th & 29th only for brunch 10am-3pm 
-    Closed Dec 23-27th & Jan 1st

     20. Mash
-    Open 20-23rd lunch 12:00pm-3:00pm
-    Open evening 26-31st 5:30pm-until closing (26th closing is at 9pm, 27th11pm, 28th 11pm, 29th at 9pm, 30th at 9pm and 31st and 9pm)
-    Open at 5:30pm- 9pm January 1st 

    20. Restaurant Hans Christian
-    Dec 20- Jan 1st open normal hours
*Closed on Sundays

   21.  Cafe & Restaurant Kongens Have
-    Closed Dec 22nd-26 & Jan 1st 
-    Open 27th, 28, 29, (normal hours 11am- 9:00pm) 
-    they weren't sure about Dec 30th and 31st will follow up

   22. Restaurant Knudsens Gaard
-    Closed after breakfast (around noon) on December 20th
-    Closed the rest 

   23. Restaurant Rosenhaven
-    Closed 

   24. Restaurant Ansgar
-    Closed 

   25. Restaurant Grand
-    Closed Dec 14th- Jan 3rd 
-    Open New Year’s Eve from 6am- 11:00am (for hotel guests)

   26. Restaurant H.O.S.
-    Open Dec 20th and 21st 11:30am-3:30pm & 6pm-9:30pm
-    Closed the rest 

   27. Frederik VI’s Hotel Restaurant
-    Closed 

   28. Gorms Pizza 
-    Closed 30th Nov (permanently) 

   29. Munkebo Kro
-    Open Dec 20th from 7am-3pm and Jan 1st from 7am-3pm 
-    Closed Dec 21st- New Year’s Eve

   30. Gl. Brydegaard Restaurant 
     -     Closed