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Editor's Choice - October 2022

Photo: Johan Joensen

The calendar says October, the second month of autumn. This means beautiful autumn colors and a the holiday is also coming up. This also means that the weather is changing so it is very good to have both indoor and outdoor activities for you and the family. Here's our five recommendations.

Photo:Niels Holmgård

Magical Days - a fantasy festival

Magical Days is a three-day festival during the autumn holiday. It is a festival for the whole family with activities for everyone and all ages! If you are interested in Harry Potter and other magical worlds this is the place to visit. The festival can be described as a town fair where almost all activities occur on street level – and there are many activities. The entire city center is transformed into one big magical world where you for example can make your own wand, brew your first magical elixir or do many other fun activities.

The Funen Village – an open-air museum  

Another great autumn activity is The Funen Village. It is an open-air museum where you and your family can experience indoor and outdoor activities. The entire village is established on learning about how life was lived back in the 18th and 19th century – how food was cooked, how clothes were made, and a lot of other things. Therefore, there is stuff to do for the whole family where you will learn, play, and experience. October is the perfect month to experience the village because of the beautiful nature, surrounding the village, is dressed in fine fall colors. 

Photo:Odense Bys Museer

Photo:Odense Fotogalleri

Autumn stroll along the small river of Odense

October is a great month to take long and beautiful strolls. Odense has a lot of good routes to walk – one of these is the nice route along the small river of Odense. Here you will pass by various parks and beautiful nature right from the start of the stroll in the park Eventyrhaven. Here you can follow the river along Åstien, past the playground at Christiansgade, all the way to Sct. Jørgens Park and end the route at Kulturbotanisk Have. You can walk with your friends, family or by yourself and then make the different stops along the route and just enjoy nature.


Creative Space – get creative with ceramic!

Here is an activity for the grey and rainy days in the autumn. At Creative Space you can get creative with your friends, family, or by yourself if you need some peace and quiet for contemplation. The concept is based on you choosing a piece of ceramic, and painting whatever you like. Afterward, the ceramic will be baked, and you can come and collect your unique piece after a week. It is only your imagination that sets the boundaries for what you can be creative with, and the sweet and helpful staff is always ready to guide you and give you some tips and tricks if you would need them.  

Creative Space collage

©VisitOdensePhoto:Anja Panduro

La Casa Bonita – a food experience

After a day full of activities, you will need a delicious food experience and you will get this at the restaurant La Casa Bonita. This is a Mexican restaurant in the heart of Odense where homemade Mexican food is made and eaten in informal and cozy surroundings. The menu is of course solely Mexican, and the menu is also put together so that you, your friends, or your family can share various dishes. This way you will get to taste different kinds of food on the menu. The service, the atmosphere, and the food are top-class and if the weather is a bit cold here in the autumn, you are guaranteed to get the heat when eating at La Casa Bonita. 

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