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gaatur i paaskestraede

Editors Choice September 2022

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen

September is the first month of autumn, but even though summer is over, there are still plenty of activities around Odense. September is not yet cold, so you can still enjoy the many parks in Odense.

But if you're also looking for inspiration on what else to do in this lovely city, here are our five tips for things you, your friends or family can do in the first month of autumn. This month's tips include something for the active, the history buff, the art enthusiast, the foodie and the beer lover. Dive into our editor's picks this September.

5 Favorites for September

Storyhunt - skærmbillede fra tur
Photo: Elvinas Rokas

Storyhunt digitale byvandringer

With StoryHunt you can walk around the streets and parks of Odense and enjoy nature before autumn really sets in. It's an activity you can do alone, or you can choose to bring your family or friends and make it a group activity. Download the app and get started!


Kunstmuseum Brandts

Next on the list is the Brandts Art Museum. Here you can immerse yourself and be inspired. It's an activity you can go to if the autumn weather should set in, or you just fancy a day out where you can see and maybe learn something new.

The Pie Project - udvalg af varer
Photo: The Pie Project

The Pie Project

The Pie Project is a Mediterranean micro-bakery located in Vintapperstræde, one of Odense's cosiest spots. Greek and Italian cuisine are mixed in a unique offer of Mediterranean pies, coffee and new freshly baked delicacies every day!

Perfect at any time of the day for delicious food and good atmosphere!

Stige Ø med solnedgang
Photo: Daniel Darcy

Stige Ø

Stige Island is on the list as it offers many activities for everyone. Here you can enjoy the first autumn month in shelters, take a walk around the island or perhaps bring a picnic basket and enjoy the late summer.

Photo: Johan Joensen

Øllets Dag

Of course there has to be an event on the list, and this time it's Beer Day on the 3rd September! Here you can enjoy various beers while enjoying the last of the year's heat. And while you're at it, you can also do a guided beer tour of Odense with StoryHunt.

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