Family Activities

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Small children, older children, grand parents - no problem. Odense has several attractions that can entertain your entire family. Go time travelling, visit the animals at Odense Zoo or something else entirely.

Odense ZOO - It is absolutely wild!

Photo: Alex Tran
The whole world is a series of miracles, but we're so used to them we call them ordinary things.
Hans Christian Andersen

Take your kids time travelling

History can be a somewhat dusty subject, but in Odense you can take your kids into our near and a bit more distant past for a hands on experience. Try the Viking Age, the Iron Age, 18th century life in a country village, the Cold War and even a teenagers room in the 80's.

Odin's Odense - Iron Age and Viking Age

Discover our living past in a village that shows life in the Iron Age and the Viking Age. In Odin's Odense you can try for yourself what life was like...

The Danish Railway Museum

Nostalgia and memories at the Danish Railway Museum In the middle of Odense, just besides the railway station, the museum houses an authentic roun...

Tidens Samling, Museum of Everyday Life in the 20th Century

The museum Tidens Samling has two exhibitions: a permanent and a special exhibition. The permanent exhibition has nine period living rooms, each re...

Histotoriet - Children's Museum

Histotoriet is a modern exhibition in an old half-timbered house where children can explore history through HAK-O-METREs, special play machines and di...

The Funen Village

In the Funen open-air museum - with rural structures from the 18th and 19th century - a complete village environment has been recreated, with half-tim...

Odense Bunker Museum

Come and experience the 450 m2 large nuclear bunker that formerly housed Odense Municipality's command center. It was the place where the mayor and ke...

The Vikingmuseum Ladby

What is the Ladby Ship? It is Denmark’s only ship grave from the Viking period. Around 925 AD, the king of Ladby was buried in his ship, which was 21...

Energetic fun

Jumping Fun Trampoline Park

Jumping Fun offers activities, fitness and sport like you’ve never seen it before. Jumping Fun has almost 2000 m2 of entertainment for everybody betwe...

Funky Monkey Park (Climbing Park)

Welcome to Denmark's largest climbing park Funky Monkey Park offers challenges and adventures for all ages with 9 climbing lanes and 16 cable way...

Leo's Playland Odense

In Leo's Playland you will always find new adventures. Here you will find something for everyone! Climbing frames, ball pits, tunnels, trampolines, bi...

De bedste legepladser i Odense

Små børn, store børn eller voksne med en barnlig sjæl?

Shop for kids

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Hans Christian Andersen for children

Some of our Hans Christian Andersen related attractions are particularly interesting for families

Praktisk information for familier med mindre børn

Her får du et overblik over faciliteter for børnefamilier midt i Odense by.