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Fantastic Festivals

Photo: Johan Joensen

It is always nice to visit Odense, but especially when the city is full of happy people who enjoy the atmosphere for one of our major events. There is always a reason to go, but especially during the summer months. Festival themes range widely from flowers through short films to gastronomy

Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.
Hans Christian Andersen

Odense is the city of festivals. All year round there are magical festivals, magnificent concerts and thought-provoking events of all kinds that can give you new experiences and inspiration.

One of the biggest festivals is the magical Hans Christian Andersen Festival, which every year in August provides the setting for a magical atmosphere throughout Odense, where impressive light shows, concerts and performances on every street corner, with Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales as their starting point, form the setting for some fantastic experiences.

In June, Tinderbox is the setting for Denmark's 2nd largest music festival, with many international artists visiting Odense every year. Here you can experience pop, rock and techno of all kinds, and attend one of Denmark's biggest parties with the locals.

Besides these festivals, Odense offers SPIS! Odense (gastro festival), Odense International Short Film Festival, Odense Flower Festival, Magic Days (fantasy festival), the e-sport event Odincon and much more.

Upcoming events

Magic Days Festival

Join tourists and locals alike to experience the magic of this annual festival. Magic Days is the continuation of what started as the Harry Potter Festival. The universe has expanded and in 2019 you will be surrounded by even more magic and fantasy of all genres. The entire town is filled ...

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