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Flash your trash

The concept behind ‘Flash Your Trash’ is simply about collecting littered trash and flashing it online through the means of various social media. This is done to inspire others to take part in a green initiative and to look out for nature and the environment.

The concept ‘Flash Your Trash’ was first launched in March 2017 by Tuyen Phan, who is a ‘Clean City’ ambassador in Odense. She was appointed as the first ambassador along with Daniel Gade, by the former City & Culture Councilman, Jane Jegind.

The mission behind ‘Flash Your Trash’ according to Tuyen, is to inspire others to collect littered trash too. She further believes that there are other benefits to the concept as well, “Firstly, you help by looking out for the environment. Secondly, your conscience feels great. Win-win!”.


Flash Your Trash on Instagram & Facebook

‘Flash Your Trash’ has both a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. On both social media platforms, pictures of collected trash are often shared, which further has the potential to inspire others to follow pursuit and look out for the environment. Both platforms have around 1,000 followers each.

Furthermore, Facebook especially is used as a framework for events, where the focal point is, of course, the collection of littered trash. Among other events, one was held in collaboration with True Gum, where the concept behind it simply meant, that you could trade your collected plastic trash for plastic-free bubblegum. Aside from unique events, a regular so-called ‘Trash Walk’ is held at different locations around the city. This enables a cosy and social atmosphere, while you at the same time gain a few conscience points, by simply collecting littered trash.

Would you like to take care of the environment? – Flash Your Trash and use the hashtag #flashyourtrash!

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