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Inclusion in local businesses

Odense is home to several socio-economic companies that help to create a positive social change in society by, among other things, creating jobs for socially disadvantaged citizens.

A socio-economic corporation is a corporation whose primary driving force and purpose are to create a positive social change. While at the same time working based on traditional market conditions. The company's financial profits are being used to improve societal challenges. It can do this either by working actively with a target group or working for a target group.
If the company works with a socially vulnerable target group, the goal is to help these citizens enter the labour market. If, on the other hand, the company aims to support a target group, the goal is to improve the conditions for the given target group and thus benefit society.
In Odense, several socio-economic companies contribute to a positive social change. These include:

Odense Glasværk

Odense Glasværk is a company that competes with similar companies. But at the same time, the company aims to create a development within the area, that in the long run, will contribute to the company being part of a larger whole in an upcoming Artisan House.
Glasværket has a social purpose, which means that the company will use its profits to support new initiatives that can be included in the upcoming Artisan House. Thus, it is the plan of employing vulnerable unemployed and thereby helping that target group enter the labour market.

Blitek Social

Blitek Social is a subsidiary of Blitek A / S, which was established out of a desire to take greater social responsibility in Odense. The company wants to help solve challenges that Odense Municipality experiences concerning sustainability, professional and mental growth - and not least inclusion of vulnerable citizens in the labour market. Blitek Social, therefore, helps vulnerable citizens in Odense into the labour market and offers a community to people who have been exposed to stress, anxiety, and depression. The purpose of the company is to mediate the contact between companies and associations that want to take CSR seriously. And help the vulnerable citizens who do not immediately fit into the ordinary labour market through, for example, internships or flex jobs.

Blindes Arbejde

Blindes Arbejde is a business foundation that creates various jobs for citizens who are blind or severely visually impaired. They have a mission to create more job and employment opportunities for the blind and partially sighted and a vision to be internationally recognized for both design, products, and customer service. The company's purpose is thus to create a balance between good craftsmanship and socio-economic sustainability. The craft company makes products for both private households, businesses, and municipal workplaces in the form of brooms, brushes, textiles, and baskets.


Cyke(l)Dellen is a subdivision of Cafe Paraplyen, located in the middle of Odense. The socio-economic company has arisen through a project in KFUM. In general, the purpose of the project is to help vulnerable citizens in education or entering the labour market. That is done by offering competence-enhancing work tasks that can help ensure a return to the labour market.
If Cyke(l)Dellen has a financial profit, it will be reinvested in either a specific purpose or in the company. That way, there is an opportunity to help even more citizens on the right path.

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