Odense Welcomes the European Karate Championships

Photo: Johan Joensen

Odense is proud to host the European Karate Championship 2019 and we hope all our guests have a great time in Hans Christian Andersen's Hometown.

Autumn in Odense is always a special experience with beautiful views, hot cocoa and blankets at outdoor cafés and long walks along the river.

What to do

Odense has lots of attractions and activities, also outside the summer season. Take a stroll through the historic quarter and visit the museum of our most famous son, Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen's Hometown

Get to know Odense's most famous son, Hans Christian Andersen. The multi artist Andersen impressed with fairy tales, plays, biographies, travel accounts, paper art and more.

The Funen Village

In the Funen open-air museum - with rural structures from the 18th and 19th century - a complete village environment has been recreated, with half-tim...

Odense ZOO - Zoological gardens

It's totally wild  Europe's best zoo offers unique and adventurous moments for the whole family. Fill your day with great impressions, knowledge, pla...

Odin's Odense - Iron Age and Viking Age

Discover our living past in a village that shows life in the Iron Age and the Viking Age. In Odin's Odense you can try for yourself what life was like...

Hans Christian Andersen's Birthplace

The iconic little, yellow, corner house in Hans Jensen's Straede, is where Hans Christian Andersen (allegedly) was born in 1805. Almost precisely 100 ...

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What's on in Odense

Photo: Johan Joensen

Food and Drink

Vibrant gastro scene

Delicious new restaurants pop up everywhere - reportedly Odense now has more restaurants per inhabitant than Copenhagen. Whether or not this is true, the locals dine out like never before and the range and level of offers is impressive.

10 restaurants you should try

Odense’s restaurant scene is rapidly evolving, and new restaurants are popping up everywhere.

Warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate

Even on a cold day, a visit to Odense is a pleasure - especially for hot chocolate lovers.

Smørrebrød - open face sandwiches

Few things are as traditionally Danish as the open face sandwich.

Wine bars, pubs and delicious cocktails

Wine for connoisseurs, well-poured beers and cocktails with fun names - if that's you, read on