What can you experience in Odense right now?

Photo: Johan Joensen

Denmark is affected by Covid-19 / Corona virus and many attractions, restaurants etc. have shut down. This page gives you our take on what you can do in Odense while the restrictions are still in place. Think fresh air, long walks and plenty of take away from the city's restaurants.

Denmark has taken the necessary measures to reduce the risk of Corona virus. This means that a visit to Odense is not quite as it usually is. The local attractions, of course, follow the government's recommendations and all indoor attractions are closed. 

Grab your mobile and experience Odense in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen

Photo: Johan Joensen

Enjoy the fresh air

After a long, wet and grey winter it is fantastic to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and the green buds, the smell of fresh cut grass and warming dirt, the sound of the ducks in the river and the taste of the first ice cream of the season. 

Green City

Fyn is known as Denmark´s garden and Odense is often spoken of as the capital of Fyn.

Outdoor Attractions

Here is the solution if you are visiting Odense on a fine day - try some of our outdoor attractions.

Go on green adventures in Odense and surroundings

The island of Fyn is popularly known as the kitchen garden of Denmark and Odense does all in its power to live up to this flattering image. We har parks and recreative areas, open gardens and lots of smaller green spots all over the city.

Bicycling in Odense

Odense is generally known as Denmark's cycling city number 1 with more than 540 km. cycling paths.

Free Activities

Odense offers lots of activities - even if your budget is a bit of a challenge.

The 5 best selfie spots in Odense

The best places for a selfie in Odense - some are well known others more of a local secret

De bedste legepladser i Odense

Små børn, store børn eller voksne med en barnlig sjæl?

Under the open sky

Nice weather has to be enjoyed ourdoors. This is our list of favorite places to do just that.

Find the Fairy Tale Sculptures in Odense

All over the city you will encounter sculptures inspired by fairy tales - how many can you find?

Sejle på åen i en vandcykel

Det er en hyggelig og afslappende måde at tilbringe en time eller måske flere timer en lun sommerdag.

Street and City Art

Sculptures, street art and performance are all something that help set the mood of the city.

Støt lokalt - gavekort, årskort og medlemsskaber

Photo: Ard Jongsma

Dine out - or in

Odense Spiseguide (restaurant guide) has compiled a list of restaurants that are Open, Closed or open for take away

You can visit Odense Spiseguide and see the list here (list in Danish only)