Brandts udstilling

Art and Culture

Photo: Brandts

Odense has a surprisingly large selection for art and culture afficionados. Brandts is the lighthouse with its international exhibitions, but there are plenty of galleries, theaters, music scenes, festivals and smaller, local initiatives that together form a cultural base.

Odenses kulturliv

Arkitektur, billedkunst, ballet, opera, multimedia, performance og meget mere. Dyk ned i din foretrukne genre i Odense og udforsk det store udbud at kunst- og kulturoplevelser vores by har at tilbyde.

Arkitektur og smukke bygninger

Odense byder på mange eksempler på smuk arkitektur og specielt i bymidten er mange stilarter samlet. Her er klassiske bygninger som Odense Rådhus, et af europas smukkeste eksempler på gotisk stil i Odense Domkirke og nu også de mange nye bygninger lige i centrum, hvor tidligere Thomas B. T...

Feel the Presence of History in Odense

Odense is one of Denmark's oldest cities and you can feel the presence of history everywhere. In our museums you can explore the Iron Age , Viking Age , 18th century farm village life , the Cold War and even what everyday life was like for your grand parents at Tidens Samling .

Teater, ballet og opera

Photo: Lasse Emil Hildebrandt

Brandts is housed in the former textile mille Brandts Klædefabrik which now forms Odense's Latin Quarter. The exhibition covers 3 floors and there is alway several guest exhibitions as well as a permanent exhibition showcasing our much loved Funen artists. 
HINT - Skagen was not the only Danish Golden Age artist colony

A well known artist residing in Odense is Jens Galschiøt. He is known primarily for his protest art and many have seen his Pillar of Shame and My Inner Beast sculptures. You can visit his studio and watch him work. Other notable galleries in Odense are Gallerie Rasmus and Filosoffen, housed in a beautiful building on the river front.
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Street Art

During the last couple of years Odense has collected quite a few new works of art on prominent buildings in the city. The biggest is without a doubt ROA's Fish and Bird on a silo on the harbour, but our favourite is probably Don John's (a local artist) portrait of Hans Christian Andersen in the historical quarter.

Something else that you will quickly notice are the many sculptures in Odense. The city centre is filled with works of art, many Hans Christian Andersen themed. Some are loved by the locals, others cause more debate. If you visit Odense, make sure to take in Oceania, a sea goddess, who lies on Flakhaven, the square in front of city hall. Many visit the information centre to ask if she is a man or a woman and what on earth she is doing there. Regardless children love her and often use her as a slide, which can be seen from the shiny path down her front.
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Kunst i den Fynske natur

Photo: Troels Malte Borch - Østfyns Museer