HCA gavlmaleri i Bangs Boder
Hans Christian Andersen's hometown

Attractions in Odense

Odense has lots of attractions for the whole family and especially Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark's history, art and culture are themes where we have a lot to offer. So whether you are looking for attractions for families with children, couples, art lovers or history lovers, here is plenty to choose from.

Street and City Art

Photo: Johan Joensen

Odense is Hans Christian Andersen's hometown and we offer you the opportunity to get closer to the poet than anywhere else in the world. Spend an afternoon tracing his footsteps through the streets of Odense and learn all about a great artist who started life in less than ideal conditions. 
You can also explore Danish history at the Funen Village, the City Museum or the Danish Railway Museum.

Besides, Odense offers one of a kind museums like Tidens Samling (contemporary Danish history) and the Odense Bunker Museum. You can even try living like a Viking at the Odin's Odense Iron Age Village where you can try out life from when the Iron Age became the Viking Age.

Hans Christian Andersen's Museum

A new exhibition in a class by itself gives you a presentation of H.C. Andersen's life, words, pictures and famous private possessions. Here you can see the poetry shop, the high hat, the travel equipment and enjoy many of the poetic paper clips. They are in themselves small adventure that...

Odense ZOO - Zoological gardens

It's totally wild  Europe's best zoo offers unique and adventurous moments for the whole family. Fill your day with great impressions, knowledge, play and learning. Look, listen and learn about when the animals are fed and exercised - and let the kids explore the many play areas, while yo...

H.C. Andersen's Childhood Home

The little house where H.C. Andersen lived with his parents from the age of 2 to 14, was opened as a museum in 1930. The house contains the very humbl...

Hans Christian Andersen's Birthplace

The iconic little, yellow, corner house in Hans Jensen's Straede, is where Hans Christian Andersen (allegedly) was born in 1805. Almost precisely 100 ...

Odense City Museum Møntergaarden

Møntergården – museum of all ages In the heart of Odense's historic district is Møntergården – a cultural oasis comprising lovely courtyards and beau...

The Elfmound Scenography at The Tinderbox

Many of today's popular stories are full of magic and wonderful creatures: magicians, dangerous dragons, alves, wolves, talking animals and trolls. Ma...

For those interested in the arts Odense offers great possibilities, and we urge you to experience some of the world's best artists and creators at Brandts. Don't miss out on a visit to one of our many beautiful churches or our Odense ZOO either.

All these attractions mean that there is something for everybody - young and old, big and small - and we look forward to welcoming you to Odense.

De 5 mest besøgte attraktioner i Odense

Er du nysgerrig efter at vide hvilke attraktioner i Odense, der uden tvivl er et besøg værd?

The 5 most interesting churches in Odense

Odense Cathedral is known as one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Denmark

Outdoor Attractions

Here is the solution if you are visiting Odense on a fine day - try some of our outdoor attractions.

Det gør ikke noget at være født i andegården, når man kun har ligget i et svaneæg
H.C. Andersen

Art Museum BRANDTS

BRANDTS is Denmark's first museum of art and visual culture. Here, we present over 10 exhibitions a year of new and classical art, concurrently with the present's popular images.  With a collection of more than 15.000 classical art pieces, international photography, films and drawings, ...

Tidens Samling, Museum of Everyday Life in the 20th Century

The museum Tidens Samling has two exhibitions: a permanent and a special exhibition. The permanent exhibition has nine period living rooms, each re...

The Danish Railway Museum

Nostalgia and memories at the Danish Railway Museum In the middle of Odense, just besides the railway station, the museum houses an authentic roun...

Odin's Odense - Iron Age and Viking Age

Discover our living past in a village that shows life in the Iron Age and the Viking Age. In Odin's Odense you can try for yourself what life was like...

Odense Bunker Museum

Come and experience the 450 m2 large nuclear bunker that formerly housed Odense Municipality's command center. It was the place where the mayor and ke...