What are you interested in?

Odense has something to offer for everyone - and we mean it. Whether you are into role-playing and fantasy, international art, gourmet food, cycling, classical concerts, Denmark's history, H.C. Andersen, sustainability, architecture, music festivals or outdoor life and hiking, we can deliver.


Regardless if you're into church bells or jazz music, there's something for you. Here you will find tips for what to see in Odense, based on your interests. We hope you stop by soon :)

Fun for Children and their Families in Odense

Odense is a very child-friendly city with fun attractions, restaurants with room for little people and lots of other activities. Here, the whole family can travel back in history, sail on the river and become wiser about animals and climate at the Odense ZOO.

Odense for Art Lovers

Architecture, visual arts, ballet, opera, multimedia, performance and much more.

Odense for budget travellers

Here are our recommendations for a visit to Odense that does not blow the budget.

Odense for Biking Enthusiasts

Denmark's cycling city Odense offers more than 540 km of cycle paths, several Park & Bike spaces, public bicycle pumps, good opportunities for bic...

Odense for Festival Lovers

Odense is known for its many events and festivals, but we also have a rich cultural life on other fronts. Odense Theater, Odeon Concert Hall, The Fune...

Odense for History Buffs

Odense is one of Denmark's oldest cities and everywhere you can feel the course of history. At the museums you can experience the Viking Age, the Iron...

Odense for a Romantic Getaway

Go on an extended weekend in Odense and experience the big city atmosphere combined with historical charm.

Odense for H.C. Andersen Fans

Get to know Odense's most famous son, H.C. Andersen. The multi-artist Andersen impressed with fairy tales, plays, biographies, travel descriptions, paper clippings and much more.

Odense for Power Shoppers

Tips for shopping in Odense with suggestions for the perfect shopping day for you.

Odense for Night Owls

A cozy evening in the city of Odense offers wine bars, beer bars, cocktail bars, delicious food and more.

Odense for Foodies

The selection is varied and offers something for everyone; from traditional Danish to authentic Japanese, large bistros and gourmet restaurants.

Odense for Treasure Hunters

Odense has a wide selection of both antique dealers and second-hand shops, so here you can easily find just the retro or vintage piece you are looking...

Odense for Sustainability Fans

Sustainability is an integral part of Danish thinking and in Odense we have set ourselves some ambitious goals.