Odense For Your First Visit

Photo: Johan Joensen

Is this your first visit to Odense? And do you have trouble planning which highlights to prioritise? We are here to help and have gathered the best attractions, delicious cafés, most Instagrammable places and the most interesting quarters. You will just have to come back for the rest :)


Here you will find the most popular attractions according to Tripadvisor. There are many more attractions on their list, so give it a click.

Odense ZOO - Zoological gardens

It's totally wild  Europe's best zoo offers unique and adventurous moments for the whole family. Fill your day with great impressions, knowledge, play and learning. Look, listen and learn about when the animals are fed and exercised - and let the kids explore the many play areas, while yo...

The Danish Railway Museum

Nostalgia and memories at the Danish Railway Museum In the middle of Odense, just beside the railway station, the museum houses an original roun...

The Funen Village - Open Air Museum

Go back in time to the Funen open-air museum - with rural structures from the 18th and 19th century - a complete village environment has been recreate...

Odense Cathedral - Saint Canute's Church

The Cathedral, St. Knuds, was built in the 1300s. It is a Gothic cathedral with a bright, high nave. Many consider this to be the finest Gothic buildi...

Art Museum BRANDTS

BRANDTS is Denmark's first museum of art and visual culture. Here, we present over 10 exhibitions a year of new and classical art, concurrently with t...

Green is good for the eyes

Odense is often referred to as Denmark's greenest city and not without reason. Here are beautiful parks, small green oases and lots of trees everywhere - and Odense River meanders right through the centre of Odense, so you are never far from the water.

Munkemose Park

In 1881, Odense Municipality bought the area from Munke Mølle's factories because they wanted to keep it free of buildings. It was a low-lying bog and meadow area, which was partly used for grazing and haymaking. It was often flooded by the creek in the winter and used for skating. In 1...

Stige Island - peninsula of Odense

Explore Stige Island anew! In the past Stige Island was used as Odense Municipality's landfill, it was thereafter cleaned up and reclaimed as a natural oasis and active area, with multiple vantage points. A multitude of hills have been formed, which now house various plants, fauna and wild...

Klosterhaven - Medicinal Herbs

Just down the street from the cathedral, an old wrought iron gate shows you the way to Klosterhaven (The Monastery Garden). Many consider this to be one of the city's most beautiful gardens, created to look and feel authentic and true to its time.

Food and drink

is a necessary and enjoyable part of going on holiday. And in Odense, there is absolutely no reason to go to bed hungry. We have gourmet as well as budget restaurants, food markets and everything in between.

Restaurant Aro in Odense

Restaurant Aro is located in an old machine factory on Østerbro in Odense, where the two young chefs Bjørn and Christoffer, who both have a past at well-known restaurants in Denmark and abroad, have set up their 'food workshop'. The kitchen is based in the classic French cuisine, but with ...

Smørrebrød - open face sandwiches

Few things are as traditionally Danish as the open face sandwich.


The restaurant scene in Odense has really evolved over the last 5 years. Reportedly we now have more restaurants per inhabitant than any other Danish city. The selection is varied and offers something for everyone; from traditional Danish to authentic Japanese, large bistros and gourmet re...