VisitOdense supports local networks

Photo: Jonas Legarth

At VisitOdense, we work to strengthen local collaborations, because by collaborating we create results. Collectively, we can pool our resources and plan campaigns with greater impact than if we each shout our individual messages from the rooftops.

Photo:Johan Joensen

Odense's network for Cultural Attractions

Most of the national and international guests that visit our city, do so to enjoy our cultural life. Cultural life attracts guests to the city, and creates revenue at the cultural institutions, hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. Culturally interested guests are often more active and curious than other tourists. They like to experience several different forms of culture and gain a greater understanding of the culture of the locals. In VisitOdense, we would like to support the efforts to promote the city's cultural tourism through a close and coordinated collaboration with relevant cultural institutions. Including contributing knowledge sharing, new collaboration models, product development and marketing. In this endeavor, VisitOdense facilitates the "Cultural Tourism Network", in which all major cultural institutions in Odense participate. The partners that participate in Odense's network for cultural tourism represent both historical museums, art museums, a symphony orchestra, theaters and smaller venues.

Photo:First Grand Odense