Welcome to Odense

Explore Odense: Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Hans Christian Andersen's Hometown

Follow in the footsteps of the famous poet, where the romantic streets with small coloured houses and cobblestones meet modern urban development, Nordic architecture and a food scene with everything from street food to Michelin-class fine dining

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As one of Denmark's oldest cities dating back to the Viking Age, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site certification for the hidden ring fortress, Nonnebakken, the city provides a unique setting for history themed exploration.

Odense Highlights

Make the most of your stay on Funen - the beautiful green island in the centre of Denmark

Odense is Denmark's third largest city, located on the island of Funen. The island is connected by bridges to the rest of the country. A stay in Odense gives you easy access to the many unique experiences of Funen, where fairytale castles and manor houses, unique nature from the Ice Age, bridge walking and endless sandy beaches, among many other things, attract over a million international tourists every year.

When do you plan to visit Odense?

All seasons are unique and suitable for a visit to Odense and the city offers a wealth of exciting experiences all year round.

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Foraar - ikon


Finally, it's spring. If you are looking for an extended weekend or maybe more, take a look at what Odense has to offer this spring and Easter.

Sommerstemning i Odense
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Summer in Odense equals lazy days in the city's parks, lots of festivals with music and culture, a good cup of coffee, open air concerts and much more.

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Efterår - ikon


Golden leaves, chestnuts, long walks along the river, coffee / cocoa galore at the local cafés - that is the Odense recipe for hygge.

H.C. Andersen Skoven med sne
Vinter - snefnug ikon


Go for walks in the magical morning mists on the harbour, enjoy hot beverages at the local cafés and the particular welcoming vibe that is winter in Odense.

Take a ride on Odense Tramway

From Tarup in the north via the city centre to the southern part Odense, where you will reach the University of Southern Denmark and the new hospital, you can sit back an relax on the tramway. The price is the same as in the city buses and there is free parking - park & ride - at several stops. You can find more information on the Odense Letbane website.

Other traffic tips

If you visit Odense by car and want to go into the city centre, there are plenty of parking spaces - the largest, Odense P, is located under the new part of the city centre and has entrances to the Odeon Concert Hall (P-11) and the new Hans Christian Andersen House (P-15). You can download a map of the underground car park below.