Walk towards Andersen's childhood home

Hometown of Hans Christian Andersen

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Welcome to Odense

Hometown of Hans Christian Andersen

Odense is a cultural and historical city where you can sense the city's long history clearly. Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense, and his lively imagination continues to inspire the city. In Odense you can go walking in H.C. Andersen's footsteps through the historic district and sense the life of the city 200 years ago.

The inspiration can also be felt in the many annual festivals that create an exciting and inspiring city all year round. However, Odense is also a vibrant and urban city, where you have the opportunity to take part in the good local life, where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere, taste the vibrant local food scene or go for walks in one of the city's many green oases.

Art and Culture

Odense has a surprisingly large selection for art and culture afficionados. Brandts is the lighthouse with its international exhibitions, but there are plenty of galleries, theaters, music scenes, festivals and smaller, local initiatives that together form a cultural base.

Weekend getaway

Go on an extended weekend in Odense and experience an urban atmosphere combined with historical charm. The historic district, the cozy harbor, the green parks and the Brandts industrial area with its cafés and artisans are all part of Odense's identity.


Spis godt i Odense

Gastronomiske oplevelser - denne vej

Photo: Elvinas

Fyn skal det være!

Der er mange gode grunde til at vælge Fyn og Odense til din sommerferie i Danmark - dette er blot nogen af dem. Hvis du vil se mere om mulighederne på resten af Fyn, så kig over på www.visitfyn.dk

Family Activities

See our recommendations for activities for families with children. Odense has a great selection.

Bicycling in Odense

Odense is generally known as Denmark's cycling city number 1 with more than 540 km. cycling paths.

Golf i Odense

Der er flere gode golfbaner i Odense og placeringen midt på Fyn gør at der er mange flere tæt på.


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