Considered Odense

Photo:Johan Joensen&Jonas Legarth
Odense aims to be a green city with consideration, where sustainable choices are easy to make - whether in transportation, accommodation, gastronomy or experiences.

Nowadays working actively with sustainability and take the environment into account at the destination you visit, are a given. This includes the tourists who visit Odense, whether they are national or international. Sustainability is also an important competitive factor when attracting large conferences, trade fairs and events to the destination. Tourism is not only bringing growth in the form of more visitors to the city, but also a contributing factor in creating green solutions that benefit the city's citizens and visitors.

In Odense, we want tourists who come for what Odense is - and who contribute to creating the Odense we want to be.

In Odense, sustainability is the basic principle of tourism development, and we work towards the highest level of sustainability as a foundation for our destination. Odense is already a green destination in a number of areas, but there is still more we can do and this work extends beyond VisitOdense. That is why we engage in committed and systematic collaborations across the city and Funen.  

Our sustainable focus is based on the National Strategy for Sustainable Growth in Danish Tourism, the joint Funen strategy 'Indtryk med positivt aftryk' (Impressions with a positive imprint), and at the same time we contribute to Odense Municipality's Climate Action Plan and the City Council's ambition of climate neutrality by 2030. We have defined three areas that serve as a framework for our work:

Sustainable behavior and consumption 
International and national visitors will be inspired to adopt more sustainable behavior and consumption. We aim to make the sustainable choice easily accessible and ensure that every guest will leave a positive impact.  

An unwavering green mind-set 
The sustainable development and green focus has to become a natural and essential mind-set for the city's stakeholders working with and within the tourism and hospitality industry. Ensuring a universal consideration for the city, its residents and our shared heritage should be an integral and prioritized part of our joint work to promote tourism in the city.   

Data and reporting  
We work systematically and data-based to create a thorough overview of Odense's strengths and development potential within the areas of social, economic and environmental sustainability. We do this through an annual GDS indexing and in addition, we are working towards becoming a certified Green Tourism Organization.

Help us with creating a considerate Odense
Even a small action has a big impact. Make a sustainable commitment together with us and help create the Odense we want to be.  
You can contribute in several ways: 

  • Save water
  • Drink tap water instead of buying a bottle of spring water 
  • Turn off lights, heating and air conditioning when not needed 
  • Recycle by sorting your waste 
  • Take the bike, public transport or walk when possible

Read Odense Kommunes Klimahandleplan (Odense Municipality's Climate action Plan) here