Denmark’s most bike-friendly city

Photo: Johan Joensen

Denmark is known for its unique cycling culture. And it’s no wonder, as the country has prioritized cycling with infrastructure such as designated bike lanes, bridges and super cycle highways.

As a result, nine out of ten Danes own a bike and 49% of children from the ages of 11 to 15 cycle to school. Denmark’s cycling culture is so widespread that in 2016 the number of cyclists outnumbered cars in the nation’s capital Copenhagen.

A city that stands out in terms of cycling is Denmark’s third largest city Odense. In 2015, Odense received the Cycle City award at the Danish National Bicycle Conference. In this article, we have highlighted a few reasons why Odense is Denmark’s most bike-friendly city as well as tips on where to cycle during your visit to Odense.

Smart Technology and Innovation
Odense is constantly creating new ways to improve cycling for both visitors and locals. In 2015, a beautiful new foot and cycle bridge was built across the railway that connects the center of Odense with the newly revitalized harbor. The new bridge also makes it more convenient to travel by bike with the addition of 1400 new bike spaces. Another innovative project was the addition of rain sensors in a traffic light along the Super Cycle Highway. The sensor measures when it is raining in order to ensure that cyclists have a green light for twice as long. Odense was the first city in Northern Europe to implement this kind of smart technology.

Children and cycling
Odense prioritizes cycling for children and families through creative cycling campaigns. In a campaign called, “Quack-Witted in traffic” children were invited to walk or cycle to school with their parents for a span of two-weeks. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage more parents to walk or cycle with their children to school. Overall, fifty-four kindergartens and over 3,000 children participated in the competition. In total, the children and families made 12,000 trips. The outcome of the campaign was successful with an increased awareness in the importance of cycling and walking to school. 

Rent a Bike in Odense
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Cycling is one of the best ways to see the city. Here are 5 scenic bike trips you should take while visiting Odense:


  1. For the view: Take a trip from the city center down to the newly revitalized harbor. Along the way you will cross over a unique bridge only for pedestrians and cyclists.
  1. For nature lovers: Ride alongside Odense river to enjoy the beauty of Odense’s endless foliage and green nature.
  1. For exercise: Ride through Munke Mose park to get some fresh air and exercise. Located by the river, Munke Mose is a favorite place for locals to exercise.
  1. For families with small children: Cycle around Skovsøen to see ducks wadding in the pond and to enjoy an ice-cream with the kids. The trails surrounding the area are also great to explore.
  2. For a romantic trip: Ride along HC Andersen street with your special someone to experience the street’s charm and abundance of colorful houses.