Bicycling in Odense

Photo: Johan Joensen

Denmark's cycling city Odense offers more than 540 km. bike path, several Park & Bike spaces, public bicycle pumps, good opportunities for bicycle parking, commuter bikes, city bikes and of course easy access to the large cycle path network on Funen.

Bring your bike on holiday

Map of bicycle paths in Odense

Odense has app. than 540 km bicycle paths - and more is still being added. Odense County has published a map of all these paths showing all 540 km. While you are in Odense you can use the free city bikes. All you need to do is send a text message and the bike is yours for 24 hours.

Rent a bicycle

Click to see where you can rent a bicycle in Odense

Route planning for cyclists

Click here for an online tool that makes it easy to plan a bicycle route in unknown territory.

Bike Tours Fyn Bicycle Holiday

Bike Tours Funen offers a cycling tour around the cozy and romantic Funen. The tour starts with an overnight stay in Odense, from where you cycle thro...

Bicycling on Fyn

Destination Fyn has created a webpage with tips for planning a bicycle holiday on Fyn.

Practical tips

Public bicycle pumps

If you run out of air, help is near. Click here for a map showing accessible bicycle pumps.

Bicycle parking

Odense has quite a few dedicated bicycle parking spaces. Click here for directions

Bicycle repair shops

Find the nearest bicycle repair shops if you have an accident or need a spare part.

Bicycle Routes

ThisIsOdense anbefaler cykelruter

Some of our local favorite bloggers have given us their favorite bike routes in and around Odense to share. Visit ThisIsOdense

Cykling mod Nordøst: Boels Bro

Cykling mod Sydøst: Tarup-Davinde

Cykling mod Sydvest: Hesbjerg

Cykling mod Nordvest: Langesø